2017 Gaols

It's been a long time.  Too long.  So long in fact I didn't even remember how to log on to this thing!  But I've missed it.  And now that I feel like I have a bit of my groove back after so many huge changes, and our family has a positive momentum going I finally feel like I can write again and that it can be genuine.  I have so much to be truly grateful for and I am happy to be back sharing here and saving our story to look back on in the years to come.

So, goals for 2017.....

1. Blog once a week.  Yes, this one counts.

2. Read at least a book a month. I'm going light with this one because some months are insane with sports schedules for four boys.  It's starting strong though, just started my second one tonight.  Falling Free by Shannan Martin.  

3. Finally find a new yoga home and go to at least one studio class a week and practice at least twice a week at home.

4. The kitchen.....It's been over a week of keeping those counters clean and I love it.  Pretty sure this one is going to stick.

See ya next week!


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