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It's been a few years, but this spring we were finally able to revisit a place that gives me all the feels.  A place where time seems to slow down and its easy to enjoy nature and connect with those you're with.  To make the trip even more special, I was able to share it with my sons, and we'd be backpack camping - something I've wanted to share with them for ages.  No water, no cell phone chargers!!!  

Several years ago Mr. Weber and I volunteered to spend a week at Rock Island State Park caring for the boathouse.  
Since that time I've wanted to go back and I've wanted to share the experience with the boys.  From the ferry rides, to the beaches, the trails, the rocks, the boat house, the stars at night, I wanted to share it all.  
It had been a while since I'd tried something like this with my boys so I was a little worried about how they'd do.  I had absolutely no need to worry though, they reset just like I needed to and enjoyed a…

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