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Connecting With My Boy

My oldest son officially became a teenager last week and thanks to some down time in airports and on planes the past several days, I've been reflecting on that a lot.

As my boys have grown these past few years I've been hard on myself as a mom and essentially beating myself up for not doing the things I used to do with them when they were much younger.  I think that Greyson actually turning 13 woke me up a's me and my perspectives, not my actions that are making me feel that way.  We're simply in new seasons of life and I need to be able to change, adapt and grow with them.  Of course we're not doing the things we used to, um, they're not 5 years old anymore!  They have different interests and both need and want different things than they once did.  I realized - they're growing and I need to grow with them.

I've also reflected a lot about how very fortunate I am to have Greyson as my son.  For many reasons of course.  But one thing that kept…

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