Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hanging With The Chief

Owen has had a lot of nicknames in his short life...it all started when Greyson couldn't pronounce his name and called him Onion.  Chief has stuck around for a while and well, it's better than vegetables....  But even with a strong nickname, he'd been feeling a little under fire and beaten down the past few months.  It sort of came to a head during our Memorial weekend getaway to the cabin.  So I sat him down for a talk.  Okay, I say by the fire with my coffee and he walked round and round the fire pit chatting with me.

We talked about fear and confidence.  We talked about not letting others get us down and we talked about needing to do things to show yourself you can sometimes.  He said that the biggest fear that he could pinpoint was his fear of heights.  My logical solution?  The Zip Lines.

We had an hour wait before they were able to fit us into the rotation so we took a side trip to the local fresh water spring to fill up our water containers.  With a new well at the cabin it's not always the best drinking water.  This stuff is so cold and so clear.  Love it!

Then it was time to get down to business.  According to Owen, scary business.  We were in a group with four other people who were together.  They couldn't have been sweeter to my boy.

When I look back at these I can see and feel how nervous he was.  But he pushed through.  He wanted so badly to be able to say that he did it.


Getting fastened for his first trek.


At each stop he would hold my rope even though we were fastened in two places.  Sweetest thing.

We came out alive and smiling!

We ended the day collecting trash on our short unmarked road.  I had been running with Henry in the mornings and was sickened by how much trash I saw out there.

I let him take me for a spin in the woods before we parked the UTV for the evening.  As we get going he leans over and tells me that he's never driven the thing.  Greeeaatttt!!!!!


Here's to facing your fears Chief!

Friday, April 25, 2014


When we started talking about the annual Easter Shoe shopping trip earlier this week, I never thought it would be a lesson for me on courage....from my nine year old son.

Every year Tweet Tweet and Pop Pop send the boys money for "Easter Shoes."  Something they've been doing since Brian was tiny.  My boys look forward to this every year, more so as they're getting older and having opinions on what they want.  One rule....they get what they want.  Period.  I do veto getting the correct size...Owen prefers his at least a half size too small.

Greyson announced a few weeks ago that his favorite color was no longer purple, it was pink.  Then he took it a step further and told me he wanted to get pink running shoes with his Easter shoe money.  Quite frankly I thought it was pretty cool.  A little debate ensued behind closed doors and through the aisles of the shoe store.  I kept hearing, "He's going to get picked on."  My thought is that would be a good thing.  It will teach him if he's going to be true to himself or give in to society.  Not to mention that this kid has an astounding personality and if anyone was going to pull this off, it was him.

This kid....he charmed us all with his horrifying smelling feet.  A treat indeed.



My favorites...but I kept my opinion quiet.

The winner!  But we need some lime green or orange laces for them.  Curious that a large shoe store would only have black and white laces.  Target for the win.  Always!  ;-)

It was nice to feel a little affirmation this morning from someone I respect.  Tweet Tweet reminded me of a quote I'd heard in the past, that she'd just read recently.

So fitting....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Sweetness in our Life....Literally

The weather this past weekend was made for thinking, snuggling, afternoon coffee, and well, apparently dessert.  It brought our first real rainy days of the year, a little thunder, and time to stop and brood for a while after letting go and stopping to take in the sounds and smells of a new season.  Rain and I, yeah, we have a thing.

Henry and I may have one too. Give us a blanket and 15 minutes to listen to the rain on the roof of the sun room and, well, you get this.....likely from both of us.  :-)

I indulged in the rare dessert order after dinner on Saturday night.  They had me at salted caramel Gelato.

On the way home we stopped spur of the moment to grab Frozen from Red Box and some baked goods for a breakfast date on Sunday morning.

Owen was ready to dive into this on Sunday morning....Greyson, he stayed in bed reading for a while.  I think he may have a thing for the rain too.

He's also utterly adorable while I mop the floors and he stays out of my way.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Appreciating The Little Things

A couple of weeks ago I was busy running all over town picking up some of the final auction donations for an event for the boys' school.  That morning Greyson decided he wanted to tag along with me.  Owen did not....because I wasn't willing to promise him candy at every stop or something equally as silly as that that.

One of our stops was a comic book store.  I was feeling very rushed and frazzled, as though there was no way I would finish what I needed to that day.  So, when Greyson asked for some quarters to play a pin ball game at the store, I paused a moment before handing over said quarters.  My head was screaming we didn't have time.  But my heart was telling me that he'd been such a good sport, that he'd been a lot of fun to hang out with, and that he needed me to say yes.

That brief pause watching him have fun and taking the time to appreciate his excitement, his facial expressions, and his description of why he liked the game was what I needed to feel energized and focused again.


This boy is always teaching me new things about myself.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Little Lovin Last Night

I've never been big into Valentines Day, but like many holidays as a parent, kids make it more fun!  We've had some decorations up around the house and last night we settled in for some Valentines Day preparations.  The boys got their bag toppers made for their classmates and teachers....we're waiting on Amazon to deliver the much needed gumballs.

After homework and showers (hence the crazy hair), Greyson asked to make a card bag for a visiting teacher who would be in their class on Friday.  So sweet!


A little V Day organic lemon lime soda and cherry juice to set the mood.

The tongue out in concentration.  :-)

Despite the special treat from the boys school....Happy Valentines Day - Your kids get out of school at noon!  Blah blah blah  ;-) - Friday is really going to be a lot of fun!