Monday, August 18, 2014

A Weekend Adventure On The Peshtigo River

Well it took nearly the entire summer but I finally managed to get out of town with the boys and go camping.  There were a few changes to my original camping plan deep in the woods off the beaten path, but it was an excellent way to get our feet wet and figure this whole thing out.  Probably a much more realistic trip as well.  :-)  I opted to take them to a campground and rafting place that I spent a lot of time at as a child.  It was really nice to be back there after so many years, seeing familiar faces who were genuinely happy to see us and welcomed us with hugs and hospitality, it was like being with family and we can't wait to go back!

My aunt and uncle were gracious enough to let us borrow their pop-up camper for the weekend, which was an extra nice amenity when the rain came on Saturday afternoon.  My dad went with the boys on Friday afternoon and got the campsite set up while I worked for the day.  Another nice treat!  

I insisted on making s'mores before bed on Friday night.  I'd been looking forward to a campfire all day.

We made a fire on Saturday morning and boiled some water for coffee.  I planned relatively no maintenance meals not knowing what we'd have available in the camper and had no idea my dad was bringing his trip pod up. pancakes or bacon over the fire....just water.  Oh well!

I have no words for this child sometimes.  He evades my camera 90% of the time so I take what I can get.  And yes, we're allllll aware he needs a haircut.  All of us but Owen, that is.

Ya think they want a bite?

We went down by the river bank while my dad went back to his cabin for some fire wood and to mow the lawn.  The plan was to go tubing down the river later in the afternoon so we figured we'd check out the water temps.

I think that means it's cold!!!!

Snacks and games before tubing.

So, when you mess up at a game and then get angry at yourself and throw your score sheet into the fire sometimes you get lucky and can fish it out when you've calmed down.  Then you're even luckier when your mom and brother let you make up your missed turns because you've wholeheartedly apologized.  Notice the lovely charred and crumpled score sheet in the picture below.  Enough said.

No pictures of the tubing adventures for obvious reasons.  Cameras and rivers don't mix.  We did get poured on about 5 minutes into the river trip.  Greyson and my dad toughed it out.  Owen flipped and I pulled him to shore so that we could walk back to the campsite.  Greyson convinced me to take another trip down the river with him around 5 that evening and I'm so happy I did, we had a blast.  He's excited to go back in the spring for a rafting trip when the water is high from the spring run off.

They loved all the old shoes hanging by the raft barn for the people who come ill prepared.

Greyson had something going with the camp dogs.

I take back what I said before....Owen does in fact know he needs a haircut.  :-)


Greyson learned how to make foil dinners at Scout camp earlier this summer and was dying to make dinner for us when we camped.  He did a great job cutting veggies and making sure everyone had their packets marked and sealed.  

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.

I had to laugh at their vast difference in driving styles.

The glow football Greyson came up with was a lot of fun.  It lead to glow hula hoops and a glow dog as well.

Things ended up getting pretty chilly on Saturday night so by Sunday morning the boys and Minnie and I were all snuggled up in one bed under three blankets.  It was cozy until they decided to tickle me....and then Owen fell out of the tent part of the camper.  Then it was eye watering, pee your pants laughter.  And that's the memory I want to end the trip with.  :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hanging With The Chief

Owen has had a lot of nicknames in his short all started when Greyson couldn't pronounce his name and called him Onion.  Chief has stuck around for a while and well, it's better than vegetables....  But even with a strong nickname, he'd been feeling a little under fire and beaten down the past few months.  It sort of came to a head during our Memorial weekend getaway to the cabin.  So I sat him down for a talk.  Okay, I say by the fire with my coffee and he walked round and round the fire pit chatting with me.

We talked about fear and confidence.  We talked about not letting others get us down and we talked about needing to do things to show yourself you can sometimes.  He said that the biggest fear that he could pinpoint was his fear of heights.  My logical solution?  The Zip Lines.

We had an hour wait before they were able to fit us into the rotation so we took a side trip to the local fresh water spring to fill up our water containers.  With a new well at the cabin it's not always the best drinking water.  This stuff is so cold and so clear.  Love it!

Then it was time to get down to business.  According to Owen, scary business.  We were in a group with four other people who were together.  They couldn't have been sweeter to my boy.

When I look back at these I can see and feel how nervous he was.  But he pushed through.  He wanted so badly to be able to say that he did it.


Getting fastened for his first trek.


At each stop he would hold my rope even though we were fastened in two places.  Sweetest thing.

We came out alive and smiling!

We ended the day collecting trash on our short unmarked road.  I had been running with Henry in the mornings and was sickened by how much trash I saw out there.

I let him take me for a spin in the woods before we parked the UTV for the evening.  As we get going he leans over and tells me that he's never driven the thing.  Greeeaatttt!!!!!


Here's to facing your fears Chief!

Friday, April 25, 2014


When we started talking about the annual Easter Shoe shopping trip earlier this week, I never thought it would be a lesson for me on courage....from my nine year old son.

Every year Tweet Tweet and Pop Pop send the boys money for "Easter Shoes."  Something they've been doing since Brian was tiny.  My boys look forward to this every year, more so as they're getting older and having opinions on what they want.  One rule....they get what they want.  Period.  I do veto getting the correct size...Owen prefers his at least a half size too small.

Greyson announced a few weeks ago that his favorite color was no longer purple, it was pink.  Then he took it a step further and told me he wanted to get pink running shoes with his Easter shoe money.  Quite frankly I thought it was pretty cool.  A little debate ensued behind closed doors and through the aisles of the shoe store.  I kept hearing, "He's going to get picked on."  My thought is that would be a good thing.  It will teach him if he's going to be true to himself or give in to society.  Not to mention that this kid has an astounding personality and if anyone was going to pull this off, it was him.

This kid....he charmed us all with his horrifying smelling feet.  A treat indeed.



My favorites...but I kept my opinion quiet.

The winner!  But we need some lime green or orange laces for them.  Curious that a large shoe store would only have black and white laces.  Target for the win.  Always!  ;-)

It was nice to feel a little affirmation this morning from someone I respect.  Tweet Tweet reminded me of a quote I'd heard in the past, that she'd just read recently.

So fitting....