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If You've Been Looking For Me....I've Been In A Gym

I've certainly spent a fair amount of time in a gym over the past 5 months....but not the one I probably should have been in.  Sigh....

With 4 boys, all playing basketball this season, we've spent a lot of time this winter testing out bleacher seating and popcorn from concession stands throughout Wisconsin.  Our basketball season officially wraps up this weekend with a final State Tournament then there's a quiet window before the first baseball tournament 4 weeks later. 

It's crazy how being on a sports team has changed since I was a child, the season lengths, the practice and tournament requirements, the uniforms, well it's all just much more intense.  It's a lot to take on as a parent, especially with 4 in the house.  But seeing them develop and thrive as a part of a team, seeing them grow both mentally and physically stronger, and seeing them happy to be doing something they love, it makes it all worth it.  I'll be the first to admit though that it'…

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