Weekend Getaway to Galena, Illinois

Earlier this year (seems like forever ago) Mr. Weber and I found ourselves with a child free weekend.  I still have no idea how that happened, but we ran for the hills!  Literally, I guess.

A few years ago someone told me about a little gem of a town - Galena, Illinois.  Essentially it hasn't been touched by modern times and it's absolutely charming!  Over 75% of the buildings in the town are listed on the historical registers, it's truly like walking back in time.  The bonus was that it also offered a great mix of things that both Mr. Weber and I enjoy....wineries, good food, history, and little boutique shops. 

We rolled into town a little early for check-in but not too early to stop at Frank O'Dowd's Irish Pub and Grill for a beverage. 

Mr. Weber's W-W handiwork while I patiently waited for a refill.

We decided to stay at the Lamberson Guest House, which was originally built in 1870 and had recently been restored.  It was quiant and cozy and offered amazing breakfasts in a stunning dining room.  There was some ghost talk by other guests during our stay, but I'm happy to report they left us alone.  :-) 

We arrived in Galena with no real plan for the weekend other than a list of potential things to do or see and restaurants to try.  Our first stop was a French and German restaurant called Fritz and Frites.  I had REALLY wanted to eat there.  It ended up just being so-so, except for the mussels (my first) which were amazing!
The following day we went to a museum and then enjoyed leisurely walking up and down Main Street stopping when we wanted.  Our initial plan had been to go back to the Bed and Breakfast and head back to Main Street for dinner, but parking had been a bit of a chore so we opted for an early dinner and then a relaxing evening on the Lamberson porch. 

Almost as tall as Abe, Mr. Weber! ;-)

After a pretty horrible wine tasting the day before and a so-so wine tasting earlier in the day, we were very happy to find Galena Cellars.  The staff was wonderful and we loved quite a few of their different wines, including a premixed Mimosa.  They have customer service down to a science...they'll hold your wine for you while you finish shipping and you can pick up later in the evening or the next day.  
We had to take them up on that offer...

Afternoon game of Scrabble with a Bloody Mary and Sangria.
Early sushi dinner!  Yum!!!
One of the unique things about Galena is how the town is built in three different levels.  There are two sets of steps like these going up from (or down to) Main Street in several areas, making it accessible to the entire town.  The Lamberson Guest House was right next to one of the stairways and it was neat to see people coming and going, imagining the social aspect that once must have been without phones, etc.  However, when you add up nearly 300 stairs...it's a hike. 
This is half of the stairs to get to Main Street.  The first street in the picture is NOT Main Street.

My handsome guy standing out in front of our B&B enjoying a cigar.
The next morning we enjoyed one final breakfast at the B&B and then hit the Ulysses S. Grant Home State Historic Site on the way out of town.

We spotted this gem that was for sale as we drove out of town....daydreaming. 
Hats off to weekend road trips with the one you love!



  1. Wow that's look so amazing. Beautiful pictures and not a place you would normally see.


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