Snakes, Flowers & Geodes Oh My!

Last night we finally made it down to our local Wednesday evening Farmer's Market and it was the perfect evening for it.  This market has grown so much over the past few years and its amazing.  It's more like an evening out instead of a trip to get veggies!  For many years we made it down to the market each Wednesday, now with hectic soccer schedules we usually don't make it until August.  :-( 

We managed to find everything we were looking for and then some!  I got what I needed to make Brian his salsa..another first for the summer.  Brian stocked up on some speciality cheeses, goat cheese curds, bison, and a great sprots canvas for our theater room.  The boys also spent some of their allowance money.  O decided he needed some honey, even though we already had some at home.  He also wanted a stuffed snake.  He had his eye on the large one, but decided the splurge wasn't worth it and bought a small one instead. 

Here's G (the saver) trying to convince him to spend the $10 on the large snake.

And here he is with his new friend.
G decided to spend some of his money (this is a rarity folks!) on a geode that they cracked open for him while a large crowd watched.  I'm disappointed I didn't get any pictures of the process, but my phone was buried in veggies at the time.  :-)  He ended up with a treasure that was much prettier than the samples he was shown to make the sale.  It was really neat to have her whisper to him that he got to open it and see the inside first and that it hadn't been seen in over 40 million years.  Here he is at home with his treasure.  It's pretty darn cool!  Don't mind the came along with a raspy old man voice as well. 

 On our way out Brian pikced up a beautiful boquet of flowers for me!  Since I was bogged down with that sports canvas and my veggie bag, and the boys were in the back with a star fish (O's treasure!), a watermelon, and some corn, this is how Brian got to travel home....holding my flowers.
They're all set on the dining room table now and the house smells magnificent!  I'm pretty sure all the neighbors are jealous as they pass our house and can see my flowers from the picture window in the front of the house.  Thanks Brian, you're the best!!!
Henry wasn't impressed when I told him to go lay down and stop sniffing at my flowers.  He's SO cute though!!!
Hoping we can go back next week and maybe I'll manage to remember my camera!  Now we're on to football practice and some pre-season football for this evening.  Last night was a nice break.