We Made A Turkey With Hugh Hefner

Last week one of the boys came home with a project from school.  The directions were to decorate a turkey that was drawn out on poster board and to do it as a family.  We all threw out a few ideas and the one that stuck was making a football turkey.  I ran to the craft store after work to get some supplies and then we set to it.  Brian apparently needed to channel his inner Huge Hefner and put on his bathrobe (which he RARELY wears) and poured himself a glass of whiskey for the occasion.

 He was also quite literal in how this be done.  One boy really wanted to put a jersey on the turkey, but Brian just couldn't imagine how a turkey would wear a jersey and that he'd still be able to draw a wing.  Pssst, Brian, turkey's don't even PLAY football, we could get a little goofy here and just go with it!  He also had us looking up football helmets on his iPad to make sure he cut it right.

I have to say, all teasing aside, he is pretty good at things like this and always has been.  He did all of the detail work on our jack o lanterns too.  If it had been up to me there would have been a lot of triangles for eyes and noses, not crows and witches.

It was a fun project and while the enthusiasm fizzled out and the turkey didn't fully get colored in, it turned out pretty cute right down to the spikes on his shoes from the feather quills - a certain little boy seems to be following in his daddy's footsteps for attention to detail. :-)

And I couldn't manage to get a picture of the boys with the turkey together so here are two separate pictures.  I notice now that the craziness that ensued prior to my taking these pictures, while they put away their supplies, knocked the photos down on the cabinet behind them.  And the shoelaces off the turkey.  Boys....

Another thing I noticed is that 90% of the supplies I thought we would use, we did not.  I guess crafting with boys is a little different than crafting by myself.  There was a little bit of a lesson in this for me too.  There was so much more I wanted to do and I just stood back and let this turkey take shape with everyone's input instead of doing it "my way."  Tough stuff man!


  1. How cute Sarah!!!
    And I'm totally with you on things not going quite how maybe you had envisioned them. But I guess that is why it's always a fun learning experience huh?!
    Love the whisky and the Hugh Hef bathrobe too. So fun! :)


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