Chore Jar

We decided to implement a new chore system around our joint this week and we're all really excited about it....yes, EVEN the boys!  Our strategies with chores and allowances have changed over the years and with that, so have systems around our house.

I used to be of the opinion that our boys should get some type of allowance simply because they are members of our family.  I mean, they've always been expected to help out and have done so since they were very small.  But then after trying that whole deal and talking with Brian, and doing some thinking, we came to the conclusion that WE have to work for what we earn and the boys should too.  Hopefully then they would have a clearer sense of money, would see it didn't grow on trees, etc. etc. etc.

I found a system I really liked here:  We implemented this and it worked for a while, but then the boys decided that some days maybe they'd do chores, and some days not.  Some days maybe they'd want to catch up on a few days or a week of chores, and well sometimes not.  Sooo, everything fell back onto my plate.  And while I love caring for my family, it brings be the greatest joy in this world, sometimes its tough working all day and coming home to more work while three other capable people aren't helping out and two of those people are bickering and causing you much grief (yeah, my angelic boys!).

So, we talked again and re-vamped this system a bit and we're ALL really excited to start things on Monday!  Our new system is a combination of the old and something I found here:

Our Chore Jar

And why on earth would the boys be excited????  There's not just chores in here!  It's filled with things that need to be done around the house as well as some fun surprises.  The boys may pick a chore, or they may pick one of the following:

A Family Ice Cream Run
An Extra Treat in Their Lunchbox Tomorrow
Family Game Time
Choosing a 30-Minute Show to Watch as a Family
Double $$$ For One Chore
VETO - Kids Pick The Chore
VETO - Parents Pick The Chore
Day Off!
Choose a Different Chore...If You Want

Unfortunately there are two chores that really need to get done each week so those couldn't go into the chore jar...taking the garbage out and cleaning their bathroom is mandatory.  Sooo their weeks look like this, alternating those glorious chores.

And our allowance system looks like this.  I initial the date once the chore is complete.

And since Mama needs a little help around the house chores are required.  Or there won't be screen time.  Or bedtime snacks.

And don't mistake this for being all that our boys do around the house.  They are certainly expected to help with other things simply because they're part of the family.  And we do reward them for extra large jobs like clearing paths, cutting and stacking wood up north, or other large projects.  This may be with some additional allowance or it may be by surprising them that we're going out to dinner or something similar.  

So, that's the state of allowances and chores at our joint.  I'd love to hear what you're doing or what's working for you! 


  1. I love this Sarah! I need to implement something like this, because Boyd is such a good kid, but he has a fit when I ask him to do things for me, and I need to change that about him. I bet your boys are excited about the allowance and the extra treats. This is such a great incentive! ps. I don't always get to reply to your comments, but I just wanted to say thank you for always saying such kind and sweet things on my blog. xo

  2. I love this Sarah!!! So smart!! My friend just started a similar jar for her boys using marbles. She puts a marble in their jar anytime she catches me being good and said it really helps encourage more positive behavior from them. Good time to do it this time of yr too!


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