Halloween Troopers

For once the weather man got it right....unfortunately.  It rained on Halloween....pretty much alllll day, and definitely during all of trick or treat time.  It was a cool, rainy, foggy evening, but I donned Brian's rain coat and my rain boots and took the boys out in our neighborhood.  I offered to drive them, but since they were dressed as 82nd Airborne soldiers they opted to tough it out.  Greyson wore Brian's old uniform, including the pants and boots.  Owen added some badges to a camo uniform and both boys wore one of Daddy's berets.

Also due to the rain, I didn't get as many pictures of them as I would have liked.  This is the first time they've dressed alike or as any sort of a theme for Halloween and it was pretty cool watching them go from house to house.

Our photo op before we left....apparently Army guys don't smile....

Oh wait, yes they do!

Ready for action.

My parents stayed back at our house and handed out candy and little toys to the few kids that braved the weather.   

When we got home I made dinner as quickly as I could (after changing out of my soggy clothes) to try to get some real food into the boys before the candy free-for-all we let them have on Halloween night.


  1. The boys looked awesome! So neat that they wore Daddy's uniforms!!! Funny pics of Mom!! IG and here.
    Too bad it rained!
    xo Kris

  2. My oldest would be highly impressed with the outfits, he is obsessed with "army soldiers" even when they aren't technically "army"!
    Your boys looked awesome!

  3. Hi Sarah!!

    Man too bad about the rain!!! But the boys looked great!! How awesome for them to get to wear their Dads old uniforms. Bet they loved that!

  4. Your boys make the coolest looking Army guys! I love that they dressed alike. Bummer that it rained though. Seems like the weather on Halloween is always one extreme or another!


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