Let The Festivities Begin!

It finally feels like Christmas is here!  The shopping is done!  The presents are mostly wrapped and ready to head to the cabin.  And there's snow, lots of snow!

The boys had their Christmas program at church on Sunday.  We were worried it was going to be cancelled since the world looked like this on the way to church....

The boys were Wise Guys - there was a Wise Girl as well.  :-)  The costumes were much improved from last year as well.  They were stinkin cute...even if Greyson didn't want to smile.

I'm so disappointed that this next picture if blurry, but I included it anyway because it was still cute.  The little animals the shepherds brought in with them kept falling off the stage and the kids got the giggles.

We were set to head to my parents house shortly after church but with the snow storm, my dad had called earlier that morning and postponed Christmas.  As things settled down a bit later in the afternoon and the boys asked for the 800th time if we could still go to their house, I called and we put everything back on the agenda and the boys got to give Nana and Umpa their gifts..and of course open their packages from my parents and my Grandpa who lives in Florida.

Nana with her cute reindeer Greyson made for her.

And again with the scowl.  My boy.  Gotta love him.

Speaking of sassy!

One more day of work left and we're off to peace and quiet and an abundance of family time - decorating our cabin tree, playing board games, making gingerbread houses, watching Christmas movies, sledding, and our famous winter bon fires.  Counting down!