Appreciating The Little Things

A couple of weeks ago I was busy running all over town picking up some of the final auction donations for an event for the boys' school.  That morning Greyson decided he wanted to tag along with me.  Owen did not....because I wasn't willing to promise him candy at every stop or something equally as silly as that that.

One of our stops was a comic book store.  I was feeling very rushed and frazzled, as though there was no way I would finish what I needed to that day.  So, when Greyson asked for some quarters to play a pin ball game at the store, I paused a moment before handing over said quarters.  My head was screaming we didn't have time.  But my heart was telling me that he'd been such a good sport, that he'd been a lot of fun to hang out with, and that he needed me to say yes.

That brief pause watching him have fun and taking the time to appreciate his excitement, his facial expressions, and his description of why he liked the game was what I needed to feel energized and focused again.


This boy is always teaching me new things about myself.