All That Back To School Hype

We finally joined the rest of the country and managed to successfully start another school year here last week.  But not before our traditional back to school feast and a crazy "quick" shopping trip for new shoes.

The boys were at the cabin for the last long weekend of summer and my mom offered to buy them some new school shoes...that meant a quick trip when they got back to town.  Somehow this turned into a 2-hour foray at the mall.  Never thought I'd see that day with two boys!

This year their back to school feast menu consisted of pizza, chicken tenders, macaroni & cheese, cherries, olives, chocolate milk and root beer floats.  I may have cheated a little and made shaved brussels sprouts with some sausage for myself.  :-)

They made some amazing root beer floats for dessert.

And then this happened......

First day back to school wouldn't be complete without a picture with Daisy.  :-)
3rd and 4th Grade


2nd and 3rd Grade

1st and 2nd Grade