And This Is What We've Been Up To.....

It's been a while, a long while.  As I find myself going through transitions I've found it hard to blog, unsure of what to post, not feeling fully free to write about everything or everyone and thus, choosing to not write at all.  Back to catch up and break the silence I guess.

So, here's what's been keeping us busy.....

Pumpkin recliners at the corn maze.

Painting pumpkins...opted to keep the knives in the drawer this year.

No more cute Halloween costumes.  Both of their costumes entailed fake blood this year.

Minecraft with cousins.  Love getting this crew together.  They're all about 9 months apart in age with my cousin's twins in the middle.

Hot tubs with cousins.

And hockey games with cousins....cheering on, well, a cousin!

Chilly fall fishing.

And hunting with Grandpa.

Frozen yogurt for dinner.  Because you just have to sometimes.

Family yoga with mom.

Selfies with mom.

And rare close up photos of a child determined to dodge the camera.

Drum circles with friends.

College football games!

A child excited to clean the wet snow off of my windows.  It was nice while it lasted....this chore has unfortunately already gotten old.

Dogs who just looooove their winter attire.  

Dogs who are REALLY sassy!!!! 

An unexpected rainbow on a rough morning.

Shenanigans with girlfriends. 

And making gingerbread villages.

That's it.  
That's all there is.  
For now.  

And now that I've caught up, and found my voice, I think I can manage to keep this going.


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