Free Range Children

I saw this pillow while shopping the other day and it should have come home with me (the $75 price tag said otherwise).

This is a very accurate depiction of our current state of affairs!

Going from a household with two growing boys to one with 4 growing boys all within 4 years of each other has most certainly been an adjustment.  Stressful?  Yes.  Worth it?  Absolutely.  

And keeping a sense of humor will probably keep the two of us alive.  :-)

I avoid the boys bathroom at the house for the most part.  (Try to convince me you don't understand why.)  So, when I went in there the other day I had to laugh at the arsenal they have going on in the shower.  

Next stop was the kitchen sink, which looks like this on a DAILY basis when they're around.  (For the record, Mr. Weber and I have been alone for the past two days and the sink has been empty, and yes, we're eating.)

Stop three....the laundry room...because the washer and dryer are ALWAYS running!  The only thing that wold make this much laundry easier to deal with is a wine dispenser in the laundry room.  Seriously.  

And our Costco membership is finally paying off and definitely worth it.  We NEED to buy things in bulk people.  Including melons apparently.

And no, it is not lost on me that at 9, 10, 11, and 13 this is just the very beginning of it all.


  1. I just spent a few days at my sister's house and she has three boys. So, I get the bathroom thing. Totally.


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