Finally our Fourth!

It's obviously taken me a while to get pictures posted of our 4th of July adventures this year.  I feel like the picture of disorganization right now.  I have great plans for the weekend and hope to land at home on Sunday afternoon feeling happy, free, and refreshed.  In a good place.  

Red White & Blue fruit for our breakfast on the 4th.

Owen was in the 4th of July kids parade in the small town where we have our cabin.  The kids ride the parade route just before the big parade.  Tons of fun for them!  Owen opted for the deer hunter theme this year and was the only entry that wasn't patriotic.  He won first prize for most original!  

Greyson opted for this view during the kids parade this year.  

Scrambling for candy!

After the parade we walked around town for a bit then waited for the fireworks.  The boys did some sparklers, and yeah, ran around with them.  Dangerous I know.  Don't judge.  


The next day the men went out fishing so the ladies entertained the boys.  We went to a pretty nice park in town and ran around for a while.  

Had some lunch at a great pizza place.  

And then went to a small stream and waterfall where the boys played and caught a few crawfish.  Brian's mom ran to the little store up the road to get them shovels and buckets and they managed to get about 6 crawfish.  They wanted her to cook them, but she said they didn't have enough.  They did have fun though.


It had been pretty windy for most of the day so we got the kites out that my parents had given them for Christmas.  As usual, the wind died down when we did that.  Oh well.  

Hi Minnie!!!

Fights with marshmallow guns.  Those were a BIG hit!  

This is what a basset hound looks like when she rolls over next to the sidewalk and gets stuck.  My in laws have the funniest dogs!

Riding to the Wausaukee 4th of July parade in style!

Greyson won another trophy from the trout pond this year!

His prize winning golden trout. 

First fish caught in our pond.  We put him back. 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, whatever it may bring you!


  1. What great pictures! Love the fake deer on the back of the ATV!!! Hysterical! Fun times!!!
    xo Kris

  2. I love the deer! That is so cool that Owen won a prize! It's so beautiful up there where you live. I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Your 4th looks fun. I must remember to make that fruit next year. Cute!


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