We Are The Pirate Ship - The Mighty Mighty Pirate Ship!!!

Imagine 5 adults and 13 boys trekking through the woods with the boys chanting so loudly they (thankfully) lost their voices.
Fours days of, "Everywhere we go people wanna know, who we are, where we come from!  We are the pirate ship, the mighty mighty pirate ship!  And if you can't hear us we'll yell a little louder!"

Or how about this variation..."I don't know but I've been told, the Pirate Ship is made of gold!  I don't know, but it's been said, the Space Station is made of lead!  Sound off!  1 - 2!  Sound off! 3 - 4!  Sound off!  1 -2 -3 -4!!!"

And I have to say I had a great time.  Even if by the third day we did set a timer on a phone to count down the hours until we got our sanity back.  :-)

In case you couldn't tell, our boys stayed in the Pirate Ship at camp this year.  Next year we'll move on to the Train Station or the Castle.  I can only imagine they will also have things the boys can yell at the tops of their lungs.

The entire time there was spent doing a whirlwind of activities, too many to fit all of them in here, and many I didn't get pictures of.  Like the water fight in the paddle boats.  THAT was one of my favorite activities.  Or swimming.  Or building cities on the beach.  Our days lasted from about 6:30 am to 10:30 pm.  I slept well despite being on a squeaky bunk bed.

Confidence Course


Archery and BB Guns (no pictures of the latter.)

Making parrots for our Pirates!  Oh and eating a jaw breaker sucker.  I relented on our food rules for the week to some extent as recommended by the staff at 100 Days of Real Food.  That sucker did last for 4 days though.  :-)

This is what happens when you decide to grow your hair I guess. 

The boys did a service project to earn their Awase patch.  We cleaned up the landscaping around the camp entrance sign and added new wood chips.  

Cinnamon rolls as big as your face!


Ice cream in bed!

Yeah, that sucker during a meal too.  It really did last for 4 days!

Learning how to cut an apple with your pinky finger.  Seriously no knives at Cub Scout camp???

Flag ceremonies. 

Dodge Ball!

Water balloon fights.  500 water balloons disappear very quickly with 13 boys. 

Super cool airplane slingshot from the trading post. 

My cuties in uniform!


  1. Everything about this is would be a dream for my boys.


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