A Little Lovin Last Night

I've never been big into Valentines Day, but like many holidays as a parent, kids make it more fun!  We've had some decorations up around the house and last night we settled in for some Valentines Day preparations.  The boys got their bag toppers made for their classmates and teachers....we're waiting on Amazon to deliver the much needed gumballs.

After homework and showers (hence the crazy hair), Greyson asked to make a card bag for a visiting teacher who would be in their class on Friday.  So sweet!


A little V Day organic lemon lime soda and cherry juice to set the mood.

The tongue out in concentration.  :-)

Despite the special treat from the boys school....Happy Valentines Day - Your kids get out of school at noon!  Blah blah blah  ;-) - Friday is really going to be a lot of fun!