A Whole Lot Of Nothing

We've been busy in general as usual, but nothing momentous seems to be happening over here so I haven't had much to say.  We're having some ups and downs right now and seem to be just coasting from one activity to the next hoping for a breakthrough of sorts.  It's been a long, cold winter so far and that's rough on everyone in the house.  I think I'm just ready for fewer stressful anxiety filled days and more positive laughter filled days.  Maybe it's just how I'm looking at things.  Maybe we really are all in a funk.  The Lord only knows.

In an effort to have a little fun, I told this guy that he could wake me on Saturday morning when he got up and we'd run to get donuts and surprise everyone.  Since we stayed up late watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics I didn't expect to see him at 6 am.  We counted the number of houses that had lights on inside at that time of the morning.  We got to 10.

It has been many years since Brian and I have spent a few hours going through antique stores.  I decided that we'd get the boys interested at least a little so we could stop at fun places once in a while.  We headed out after lunch on Saturday and I gave everyone (including myself) $10 to spend that day.  That was all they were getting...in other words don't ask me for a thing thankyouverymuch.  I told the boys to see what sort of treasures they could find but when it was gone it was gone.  First stop - they both bought a swiss army knife.

Second stop, I bought a potato masher.

Then somehow my day was derailed.

We ended up at a local quirky shop the boys love.  Owen spent entirely too much time trying to decide if he wanted to purchase something.

And these two ditched us to go to the fish store a few shops down the block.

Owen didn't buy a thing.

And somehow we walked out of the aquarium store with a truckload of things and a dent in our wallets.  It was a lot more than the $10 I told Brian he could spend.  Those three have been cohorts on trying to get me to say yes to an aquarium for a while now.

Then they decided that I needed to see Cabella's.  You know since it's just so amazing and I'd never been there before.  Greyson tried a bow so that he could show his dad he could use a certain size.  Boy was he disappointed when Brian told him he'd have to pay for half if he wanted it.

The boys spent the rest of their $10 at Cabella's.  I can't remember for the life of me what they purchased.  Must have been great.  I ended up making my $10 purchase there too.  I got a hysterical coffee mug for the up at the cabin.

The most exciting thing for me this past week?  The boys FINALLY playing with Legos.  They yell at me when I say that.  They're BUILDING with Legos.  So sorry!

And the most entertaining thing....Daisy REALLY likes the aquarium.  As in we can't get her away from it likes it.  She's crazy.  And she has a really cute hiney!

Happy posts to come soon!!!!  I promise!


  1. You have to take the aquarium back immediately. Rehome the fish and take that sumbitch back. Trust me on this one. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL EVER CLEAN IT. Other people will say they will clean it, BUT YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ONE. I speak from experience.


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