The Sweetness in our Life....Literally

The weather this past weekend was made for thinking, snuggling, afternoon coffee, and well, apparently dessert.  It brought our first real rainy days of the year, a little thunder, and time to stop and brood for a while after letting go and stopping to take in the sounds and smells of a new season.  Rain and I, yeah, we have a thing.

Henry and I may have one too. Give us a blanket and 15 minutes to listen to the rain on the roof of the sun room and, well, you get this.....likely from both of us.  :-)

I indulged in the rare dessert order after dinner on Saturday night.  They had me at salted caramel Gelato.

On the way home we stopped spur of the moment to grab Frozen from Red Box and some baked goods for a breakfast date on Sunday morning.

Owen was ready to dive into this on Sunday morning....Greyson, he stayed in bed reading for a while.  I think he may have a thing for the rain too.

He's also utterly adorable while I mop the floors and he stays out of my way.