Owen's Golden Birthday

My sensitive little boy pointed out to me earlier this week that I didn't write a post for his birthday this year.  He brought up the blog when he was talking about the post I wrote when we lost Cody.  He wanted to read it again because he missed our dog.  This prompted Greyson to bring up how I'd foiled his birthday surprise this past year, and then he asked to read his birthday post.  Then Owen asked to see his, and well, I had nothin!

So, a very very late birthday tribute to my little guy with a big heart who loves his mama!  My little homebody who is always thinking of others.  My peace maker who views the world as very black and white.  The child who loves to talk, and talk, and talk......  Repeating lines from commercials and television shows, making new words to songs, asking questions, telling stories, giving hypothetical situations, you name it, he'll talk about it.  I've taken him grocery shopping and had him talk the ENTIRE time.  I don't do that anymore.  ;-)

Owen had been looking forward to and talking about this particular birthday for years.  His golden birthday, 8 on the 8th.  He was sure he'd get something that was gold, real gold, and he couldn't wait.

I was happy to help him out with his gold expectations.

As per tradition....waking to balloons in your bedroom on your birthday morning.  One for each year.

And a donut cake to start the day.

The iPod he'd been longing for.

And a mint coin set from his birth year.

He always loves getting a card from his Aunt Chris with a little note from his cousin Jessica inside.

Later that evening my parents stopped over to celebrate with us.  They brought Owen the real gold he was hoping for.


The next evening we were off for some roller skating and frozen yogurt with friends.

This was BEFORE the sugar!


I love my bitty boy so much and cannot imagine life without him and his stories!


  1. Birthdays are AWESOME! I love the golden touches that you added for his extra special birthday. You are an amazing mama. Happy Golden Birthday Owen!


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