Ten Years

Most of the time it seems like just yesterday that I was a scared "new mom."  Other days it seems like this gig is going to send me to the nuthouse.  Either way, the passing of Greyson's 10th birthday, marked my 10th year as a mother....crazy!  It seems like a milestone for some reason, yet really no time at all.

Greyson continues to have an inquisitive, intelligent, strong personality - the child who will change the world because the world won't change him.  He's wise beyond his years and I absolutely adore hanging out with him, running errands with him, or even just our simple conversations in the car.

As per tradition, a birthday means the dinner choice is all yours.  We landed at Joe Rouer's for hamburgers and cheese curds.  

Greyson asked for a hunting cake which I had grand plans for.  However, since we were just coming back from Mom & Son camp I took someone's suggestion and improvised.  

Huge success - he loved it!

Opening gifts from Umpa and Nana.

Made me smile that he actually read the message I wrote in his card.

A new hunting jacket.  And a younger brother who is enthralled with the photo bomb.

Happy birthday Greyson!  My world wouldn't be complete without you!