That Time We Went to Mom & Son Camp And Were Evacuated

It's pretty funny to me that last year when we went to Mom & Son Camp Owen woke the first morning and declared, "Well, at least we're still alive!"  It was an uneventful evening.  This year though....not so much, yet he just rolled with it.

We knew when we left town for the weekend that there was a lot of rain in the forecast, and maybe some storms.  We were prepared.  What we didn't expect was 30 mph winds and the threat of hail, or being evacuated from our tents at 3 am and brought into a shelter.  The good news, every single thing stayed warm and dry and we had a fantastic time!  The boys are already talking about the event for next year.

I had to work until 5 on the Friday the camp started so we left town after the rest of our group.  That also meant we were putting our tent up with the help of a few flashlights.  We were anxious about doing things right in the dark, and having it secure for the predicted rain.  I'm so impressed with how calm both boys stayed and how they both used their strengths to get the job done.  While Greyson helped me with the tent poles Owen went to borrow a hammer to get the tent stakes in more securely.  While Greyson helped me drape the rain cover Owen made sure we had light.  Amen for team work on that one!

All smiles post evacuation evening.

The camp was set up with 5 large sites with 30-40 tents at each site.  We just called it shanty town and left it as that.

Loads of salamanders contending with curious boys that morning too!

Both boys had football games back in town this weekend.  Owen opted to stay with me at camp, but Greyson really didn't want to miss his game.  My dad was gracious enough to drive to get him from camp, bring him to his game, then bring him back to camp.  Turns out it was the right decision for him too, he had an absolutely amazing game...Two sacks, caused a fumble, recovered an onside kick, scored a TD, and made the extra point!  

Putting our mark on the 2014 Fall Mom & Son flag.

"Enjoying" the ambulance tour.

Pedaling to turn light bulbs on.

The Commando Bridge

Making a garden stone. 

Selfies with mom...never get old.

After Greyson's return to camp, the boys each made a rope out of twine.

And waited in line for over an hour for face painting.  Worth it!  Absolutely hysterical when Greyson kept wiggling his eyebrows and Owen was winking at us.

The second day of camp ends with a large campfire for everyone and then a candlelit walk through the woods to share with your sons.  They have signs walking you through the years of scouting and quotes about mother son relationships, play music to induce tears, that sort of thing.  We love it. 


The next morning we packed up in the rain, made one last trip to the trading post, and drove off in search of a hot shower and dry clothes.  My pants were literally wet to my knees when we hopped in the car.  :-)

Someone else wanted a selfie with mom too.  
Perfect way to end the trip.  I love being a mom to boys!