Eventful Weekend

This past weekend was one of those where you can't complain about being bored.  We like those! 

Brian had trained for the Cellcom Marathon for 5 months.  When the race was cancelled due to heat AFTER he'd made it to Mile 18, not being able to finish what he started wasn't sitting very well with him.  So, at the last minute he decided to register for another local race going on this weekend.  The Bellin Run is MUCH shorter, but just what he needed to get the Cellcom out of his system.  He did great, finishing 1,139 out of 15,136 participants!  Unfortunately the boys and I weren't able to cheer Brian on along the course because we had to head to a soccer tournament that was about 45 minutes away.  Brian was so speedy he even made it for most of the first game!

G's team did great at the tournament, winning both of their games!  His team is used to playing 6 v 6 on a large field with a goalie.  This tournament was set up with them playing 4 v 4 with no goalie.  It made for a very fun fast paced game!  G was able to score 5 goals in the first game and 1 in the second.  He did awesome!  Thanks to the wonderful coaches these boys are really learning the thought process behind the game and making smart plays and passes.  It's so much fun to watch!  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera settings right and I didn't get any great shots of the games. 

Between soccer games we took our first trip to the dog park with Henry.  He did so well with the other dogs and had a great time being able to run and play....well except for that pesky German Shepherd.  Now that we know what the dog park is all about I feel more comfortable heading there with both Daisy and Henry. 

Sunday brought the Breakfast on the Farm event.  We got there early to avoid the heat and the crowds and our plan worked pretty well.  While the event was a lot of fun overall, let me say that the title, "Breakfast" on the Farm is deceiving.  Take a look at what Brian had on his plate!

Pizza?  Fried cheese curds?  Ice cream?  A dinner roll?  I think my cholesterol level is rising just typing this!  The only thing breakfasty was the eggs...which had two of my "favorite" things in them...mushrooms and ham....SO GROSS!  So, I enjoyed a strawberry sundae for breakfast.  Yum!  Of course all of my boys were in heaven.  We also enjoyed a fun polka band playing while we ate.  Great Wisconsin event!  Dairy and polka!

We walked around afterwards to play some of the kids games and pet a few cows.  That was the highlight for me!  Someday Brian will actually listen when I tell him I NEED a cow.  We were also lucky enough to pet this little calf that wasn't even 24 hours old.  The vet had the boys listen to her heartbeat and feel her heart as well.  She was so sweet. 

Later in the day I went and fetched my Gram and Aunty Dot to come visit and have dinner with us.  They finished watching the baseball game inside where it was cool then ventured out onto the patio to sit while I finished planting my herbs and peppers.  Daisy took quite a liking to Aunty and I think Aunty liked the attention.  You can see O in the background lining up all of his cars while G serenaded us with his guitar.

After I dropped the ladies back off at home I got the boys settled with baths, PJ's, and a snack and  movie.  They were so cute cuddled up in bed with their daddy.  I took off for a little walk with Daisy and Henry to unwind...well that was the plan anyway.  Henry thought it would be MUCH more fun to circle around me and jump over Daisy's leash.  Needless to say Daisy was not impressed, nor was I.  I'm sure the neighbors had a good laugh though. 

Hope your weekend was as fun as ours!  Enjoy your week!