Moments Like These

I've been debating starting a blog for a while now.  I was never really sure what the point was...who wanted to hear what I had to say?  Ultimately I decided that if nothing else it was a great way to journal life's happenings for the boys when they were older and to keep in touch with family that lives out of the area.  It will also be an easy way to create an annual book of where we've been each year as a family. 

So, why did I finally make the leap today?  Well because of how I found the boys sleeping this morning.  It's moments like these that make you pause and thank God for your blessings, moments like these that make you smile and run to grab the camera, moments like these that you want your kids to see when they're older. 

For all the arguing these two do and for how long they've asked to have their own rooms, who would have thought I'd wake up to see them snuggled together.  Brian and I were woken up to a tiny knock on our bedroom door at 4:55 this morning.  I knew who it was...the boy with the beloved yard sale alarm clock that does NOT keep the right time.  (Wonder why it was in the yard sale!)  I simply told him that it was very early and not time to get up yet.  I assumed he headed back to bed.  I guess he did...sort of! 

Here's to many more moments like these! 


  1. That is precious!!!!!! Welcome to blogging! You will love it!
    XO Kris


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