Father's Day Weekend Fun

For Father's Day this year we spent the weekend at our place in Michigan with my parents.  I was so happy that my dad had off of work and was able to be with us and do some fishing with Brian and the boys.  I was also very happy that we didn't have the heat wave that was predicted for the weekend.  Instead we had warm sunny days.  Perfect!

We all arrived in Michigan late Friday evening so that we could hit the ground running on Saturday morning.  Brian and I got everything unpacked and the boys in bed then had a few minutes to relax by the fire before my parents arrived. 

Everyone was up early Saturday morning and after a big breakfast Brian and my dad headed out fishing.  My mom and I took a trip into town with the boys for some lunch and bowling.  They all begged me to stop at a few rummage sales along the way where we found some treasures.  Junior golf clubs and a little ceramic bell that O just HAD to have...I see him beckoning me with that thing in the future.  Our carefree bowling adventure turned into quite the competition between the boys and ended with bowling shoes being tossed aside and tears.  Oh my!

I love G's form when he's bowling!

It looks like O still needs a little work on his form though!

And you can see here that O was not impressed with the outcome of his turn - a split!

When we arrived back from our adventure Brian and my dad were waiting to show us their fish.  G was most impressed with this pike they caught.  Apparently he wasn't impressed with my asking to take a picture of him with it though!

We also had our first snake sighting this weekend.  Snakes are one of my three irrational fears, or rather things that people are afraid of, but I'm way over the top afraid of.  My mom and I were sitting by the fire while Brian, my dad, and G went to get minnows for the morning.  O was by the wood pile and came over and told me he thought he saw a snake.  I remained calm and went with him while he wanted to show me.  I figured there wasn't one because he didn't seem certain himself.  He moved a few pieces of wood though and sure enough, there it was!!!  I threw the fire poker I had in my hands (it hit my mom in the leg - sorry Mom) and ran inside to call Brian and tell him to get back NOW.  Of course he laughed at me.  Nice.  Well I came back out to O  hunting for the snake with a shovel to protect his mom.  That's my boy!  Of course it was gone and he never found it, but I was okay with that. 

Saturday evening we did get a little rain off and on which made our campfire interesting.  We'd sit by it for a while, then run into the garage only to head back out 10 minutes later.  We did that for a while and then called it a night. 

We had an easy Father's Day breakfast because I knew that Brian, my dad, and G planned on going fishing pretty early.  They left so early that they were back and waiting for lunch when I arrived from church.  The weather was warmer on Sunday and after lunch the boys had some water balloon and squirt gun fights.  After filling and tying a million water balloons I have to say I'm REALLY happy I opted for the packages with 175 balloons each, rather than the 500 packs! 

For Christmas this year Santa brought our family an ice cream maker.  It looks like a hamster ball with a cylinder inside for the ingredients.  G has been asking to try it for months now.  Basically, you put ice and rock salt in one end and the ice cream ingredients in the other and roll it, kick it, and shake it for a while.  It worked great and the ice cream was delish!  We opted to keep it simple for the first time and made vanilla, but it came with a bunch of recipes - we're anxious to try more!

After our ice cream treat Brian, my dad, and the boys started working on clearing the area for the boys' fort.  We've been planning this for a couple of years now and we're all so excited to finally be working on it. 

We ended up spending Sunday night so that we could enjoy one more campfire and woke up VERY early Monday morning to head back to town for work.  We can't wait to go back!

Enjoy your week, we've got lots of soccer action planned.