What a Difference 15 Minutes Can Make!

We spent most of this past weekend taking care of things around the house and getting prepared for our extended trip up to our place in Michigan.  We had no real agenda and it was nice.

Early Saturday afternoon brought a trip to Target for the boys and I.  I've been trying for a few weeks now to get them in for haircuts, but with our crazy soccer schedule an overbooked stylist, and two boys who didn't want anything to do with a haircut (they must get this from their Pop Pop), it just hasn't happened.  Turns out there is a hair "salon" chain right next to Target.  Tired of looking at shaggy boys, who I'm sure are REALLY hot during soccer games, I put our names on the waiting list and we ran to get our supplies from Target.

We got back to the "salon" a few minutes before needed and the boys took a look at the hair cut books they had and picked something out. 

Here is G before his haircut.  Love those 7 year old teeth! 

And here is G after....a haircut like Daddy's!  So handsome!

Here is O before with his adorable wavy hair.

And here is O after!  Yes, this was in the book!  Notice his baby bottle candy.  Why do kids think it's fun to suck on a candy baby bottle????

And since the book also had the kid's hair painted, we got some paint and sprayed away in the garage once we were home. 

I love that O's personality makes him secure enough to try things like this and have fun with it.  I figured it was summer and his hair would grow enough before school started so that we could do something a little less severe like a faux hawk at that time.  The other part of me feels a little guilty for all of the recent changes the boys have had in their lives...new house, new child car/summer camp, new shcool in fall....and I really felt that the least I could do for O was to let him choose how he looks.  We'll all definitely be able to spot him on the soccer field now!  Just need to figure out some great product to make that thing stand up like it means buisness!