Busy Birthday Weekend - Someone Turned 8!!!

I can't believe I'm a mom to an 8-year old!  He's a real boy, not a little boy, not a toddler and certainly not a baby!  The only thing keeping me sane is also having a 6-year old boy who still feels little to me.  Well that and a co-worker who is about to have a baby that I know I will get to mug on soon.

As usual we did a lot to try and make G feel special for his birthday.  He lucked out this year having it fall on a Sunday.  Basically the entire weekend was devoted to him and I loved it!  My birthday is only 5 days after his and I've lost all enthusiasm for it since he was born.  I get so excited for his and get so wrapped up in the preparations that mine could pass right by as another day.

When I picked the boys up after school on Friday G was asking to go to the dreaded Chuck E Cheese.  Brian was off hunting so I said, "Why not?!?" and they couldn't believe their ears.  To sweeten the deal I even told them that we'd just go there to play games and would eat dinner at a local fro-yo place since we'd be in the vicinity.  That pretty much made me their hero.

Such concentration!

They loved the baseball, basketball, and football games.

The look on his face in the next two pictures is priceless!  His lips all puckered up.  That's my boy!

And this is what you get from an hour at Chuck E Cheese!  Candy and some rad glasses!

 This is a bad phone picture, but look at that mountain G made for himself!

 Saturday brought G's football game in the afternoon.  I offered to make the snack for his team since it was his birthday the next day.  Unfortunately it was freezing and windy that afternoon and I didn't take the camera out for the game.  I was huddled up with O under two blankets and we were still cold.  We'll dress a little more appropriately this next week!  G's team won again and they are currently undefeated for the season!

I brought this guy to the game with me too.

I made chocolate football shaped rice krispie treats for his team snack.   

Right after the game on Saturday we loaded up and went to our cabin for the remainder of the weekend.  G had asked to go fishing for his birthday weekend and wanted to spend some time up north.

On Sunday morning my mother-in-law made a nice big breakfast in their RV for everyone and we ended G's torture and let him open his presents.

A fun new Lego City set.  I can't wait to build it with him!

And the iPod he's been wanting for the last few months!  He's still thanking us for it.

Then G took off to do some "man" errands with his dad and grandpa while my mother-in-law and I stayed back with O.  O and I relaxed and visited with her while she made G's birthday apple pie - his request.  While I love to cook, I don't take the extra time with things when I bake and my mother-in-law does.  Such as I would have bought pie crusts and she makes hers.  Since I knew that pie would be excellent I let her have at it for him.

Most of the afternoon was spent outside sighting in bows, playing on the tire swing, and working on projects before winter hits.

I love this sequence with G and his bow.  He looks so grown up!  Unfortunately it wasn't his best shot of the afternoon that I captured, but that's okay!


Here's O loving some time on the tire swing!

G even got to go out hunting for a little while with his dad and grandpa.  Here he is dressed for the occasion.

Notice the balloons on the bunk bed?  We have a tradition of putting balloons in the boys' rooms for their birthday.  So when they wake up they see the balloons floating over their bed - one balloon for each year.  Since that wasn't really an option in this case I tied them overhead while he slept on Saturday night.  Before he went to bed he had quietly asked me if I could decorate a little for his birthday.  I think he hesitated a little thinking that we were up in the woods and there were no decorations to be had.  Well mama was prepared!  He was so surprised and happy when he woke up.  Success!  I had the dining area decorated for him too, but didn't get a great picture of that.

To finish off the weekend G wanted to go out for dinner then come back and have his apple pie.  The selections are limited up in the North woods unless you want to take a drive.  He was quite happy with his kiddie cocktail, burger, and cheese curds though!

Notice he's holding his iPod as we sing Happy Birthday to him!!!  I think we're in trouble!

Happy Birthday my boy!!!!! Having you for a son is one great blessing!  You are such a smart, funny, helpful, athletic, loving boy.  I can't wait to continue to watch you grow.  I thank God everyday that he's given me the gift of being your mom!


  1. Awww, Happy Birthday to your boy. He is such a cutie!!
    XO Kris

  2. Now that looks like a fun birthday! Happy birthday, G!

  3. Thank you for your super sweet comment today Sarah!!!
    XO Kris


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