Some People Pay for Mud Baths, Right?

As if the boys don't get dirty enough running around in the woods and dirt when we're up in Michigan, they decided to step it up a notch this past weekend.  One of them got the bright idea to take the hose and turn their four wheeler track into a mud track.  It seemed harmless enough to me and I was happy to see them working together so I didn't put a stop to it. 

Inspecting their work.

Time to ride!  Look at the mud fly! 

My little guy being a little more cautious.  He's sort of a clean freak so this was pretty daring on his part.

Things quickly turned to this!  The look on his face is priceless.  

And then this!  No worries, he got up laughing.

Again, someone being a little more cautious walking through the mud. 

But always ready to encourage his brother to take a flying leap through it!

Think he needs a bath?  I was cleaning dirt out of his ears for the next two days!

His too!