The Evolution of a Fort

We finally started the fort for the boys this past weekend!!!!  With 43 acres of woods at our home away from home, the boys needed a cool fort, right???  We purchased a book about forts for ideas and construction tips a few years ago and the boys have been left in limbo day dreaming ever since.  We even picked a spot, then moved it, then moved it again, and this weekend when progress was actually made we were ALL excited!  I'm sure Brian could have done with a few less, "Is it done yet's???" but at least he knew they came from a good place.  My other favorite thing about this project....the boys working with their dad and grandpa on it.  THAT'S why this place means so much to our family!  Those are the memories we're making that they will tell their kids about one day, this is the fort they will help their kids into for the first time (ummm build it good and sturdy, okay Brian and Dave?).

The location was finally chosen! It's on the edge of the clearing next to the cabin and fire pit so we'll be able to keep an eye on things, but still far enough away so they'll feel like it's their place.

And then it was time to clear some trees and brush.  The four wheelers with chains and winches came in really handy for this job!

Even G got in on the action and hauled this big tree up the hill!

Most of the materials for the fort have been collected from other projects over the past few years.  Brian went and took down someones deck so that he could take the wood for the fort.  Then he scored even more materials when he went in to a local hardware store for something and they had taken down a room and display and were selling all of the materials for $10!  With that came a little extra labor, but for the hundred's of dollars we saved it was worth it. 

 I love it!  See the tongue?  Brian's mom does it when she's concentrating, Brian does it and now the boy does too! 
Supports going up.

 Progress!  End of Construction Day 2!

And then we heard..."Is it almost done???"  Ah, not quite yet!  Soon boys, soon!


  1. Did the people with the deck know that Brian was taking it? Here's hoping so because otherwise . . . I think the law frowns on that sort of thing. ;-)

    1. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I scared the cleaning guy at the office! It does read that way doens't it..been in your back yard lately?


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