A Chilly Wet Muddy Weekend at the Cabin

A sure sign that spring is coming - dreary days, lots o' mud, and "wintery mixes" instead of snow, right?  We had a weekend full of that, but the bright side...it's not freezing outside!!!  So, while I have a lot of paws to wipe EVERY time I let the dogs out, I'm thoroughly enjoying walking them much more now that I don't have to give myself a pep talk while putting 12 layers of clothes on to do it.

Of course, then I see this in the future and think that maybe the visions I have of spring coming are just a cruel joke....

...yes, 20's, 30's, snow and that lovely "wintery mix" is what the week holds for us.  I fear that the birds I hear outside my window are going to die, or fly inside when I open the door for the dogs, and I'm deathly afraid of birds people.  We have friends coming to our cabin in two weeks.  When we planned the weekend I made a comment to my friend that the snow would be gone so the kids wouldn't be able to go sledding, but they'd have plenty of mud to play in.  I got a text from her this weekend basically predicting that I may be wrong about that one.  Crap!  

Waking up to this scene on Saturday morning didn't hold much hope for me!

We stayed inside for most of the morning finishing an extremely difficult puzzle with the most horrifying shapes for pieces I've ever seen.  Pictures to prove it was done so that Brian's parents don't think we're full of it if they ever try to complete it themselves.  :-)

Yeah, that's me in the mirror with a crooked apron on over my pajamas.   Nice, right?  I'm sure I was also wearing my beat up Ugg boots that SOME one made me throw in the fire later that day.  

I'm happy to report that our pond is officially full of water.  However, we have a LOT of work to do to make it a bit more relaxing and picturesque.  Personally, I see that as a bonus.  Hard work as a family gives all of us such a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of true ownership.  I love to see the pride on the faces of my boys when they do something big too!  


Brian and the boys started moving some of the logs that were left laying after the pond was dug, which gave us added fuel for a nice "bomb fire" as Owen calls it.  

Greyson dirty from work.

All set to sit by the fire.

My little Minnie girl was cold but we knew she wouldn't be happy sitting inside without me so I put her in a blanket on my lap.  

Earlier that morning Brian noticed the sad state of affairs my pink Ugg boots were in.  I've had them forever and after getting new comfy boots I've kept them for the cabin and walking the dogs.  He said they needed to be burned.  I assure this is not the first time some beloved article of clothing of mine has made it's way into the fire on his insistence.  What can I say, I like worn in comfy things.  He claims there is a new pair in my future, but honestly I probably won't love them until they look like the pair in the fire.

I think we should have had a funeral.  :-(