My Dad Was In The Army

Owen has a new fascination with the military and history.  The Easter bunny even brought him a book about U.S. Presidents.  He can often be heard telling anyone who mentions the military, that his dad was in the Army and jumped out of airplanes in the war.  His facts are partially correct.  His dad was in fact in the Army, and the 82nd Airborne, thus he did jump out of airplanes, and although he did serve in Desert Storm and Desert Shield, he did not jump out of airplanes while there.  We'll let Owen go on with his story in his head though.  It's innocent and cute.

With all of that, he has also been asking to see all of Brian's "Army stuff" as he puts it.  We finally had a quiet weekend at home and we lugged the heavy keepsake tote up stairs and he sat with the boys looking at pictures, clothing, medals, and other military related keepsakes while I made breakfast.  Owen was in heaven and looked at everything for the next hour or so by himself.

Hey, did you know Owen's dad was in the Army?  :-)


  1. SO SWEET!
    My 4 year old is also OBSESSED with anything military! 2 Christmases ago, Santa brought him a soldier figurine that he picked up at Big Lots for $5 and it was his FAVORITE toy, even over his bike and easel!!
    He is in awe anytime we see a soldier out in uniform and he has a favorite, Rickey Thielbolt from a TV show my husband records.

    My husband was not in the military, nor was anyone is direct relation to him.
    Maddox would love if his daddy was a 'real' soldier... I just love this!!

  2. Kevin's family is ALL military, and I kind of feel like Owen....I'm so fascinated and so proud of them! I love this post. It warms my heart. What a sweet memory for Owen to see his dad's Army things. I know little boys look up to their daddies so much, but I can imagine that your husband is a super hero to your boys! Heck, I'm proud of your husband too, and very thankful for his service. Love this! xo

  3. Aw this is so sweet!!! I would be just as fascinated as your boys if that was my dad!! My Grandpa (my dads dad), flew B17's and B24's in world war 2 and I was so fascinated while reading Unbroken about Louis Zamperini who survived being a pow in the same war as my Grandpa. He was flying the exact same planes he did too. Have you read that book yet? It's great. And how special for your boys to learn about from their Daddy!


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