Easter Weekend

We opted for a quiet low key Easter this year.  We spent the weekend hanging around the house, enjoying some slightly (40's) warmer weather, watching movies, reading books, playing baseball, walking the dogs, and testing out a long awaited Christmas gift.

I couldn't get showered and dressed fast enough - for the boys anyway, on Saturday morning.  I had promised them that now that the roads were mostly free of snow and ice they could try out their motorized scooters my cousin Heidi got them for Christmas.  Those things had been in the basement taunting them for months!  They both got the hang of them right away and the little bar to push down on the back and make sparks was a huge hit!


We colored eggs on Saturday evening and tried a new technique this year.  We wrapped the eggs in old men's ties and boiled them hoping to transfer the patterns.  Unfortunately they didn't work that great (mostly just pink swirls on the eggs), maybe not enough vinegar, maybe we didn't boil them long enough, who knows, but it was fun to try something new.


On Easter morning the boys woke to find the goodies from Brian's parents set out on the table for them.  A basket for each and some leather crafts to share.  They hadn't seen the leather crafts before and they were a big hit!  


Then they were off to find their Easter baskets....and eat chocolate dipped pretzels in our bed!

Our original plan was to come home after church and have a big breakfast, but at the last minute we decided to head to a restaurant close to our house for brunch.  Thank goodness our service was early because we obviously didn't have reservations, but manager to beat the crowd.  Two tables over from us was a Green Bay Packers player, which was the highlight of the meal for the boys.

Then it was back home for an Easter egg hunt.  I hid soccer ball eggs for Owen and camo eggs for Greyson, then hid a dozen cascarones for them as well.  This was our first year trying the cascarones and they were a lot of fun until Greyson got a bit carried away with Brian.  You know the old saying....it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt......it was Brian. 

Greyson made one of the leather crafts while we hung out by the fire for a bit.

Then it was back outside for a little more play time before dinner.  Just in time for a surprise snowstorm!  Seriously?!?!??  The boys thought it was GREAT!  Brian and I hunkered down in the garage and watched them enjoy the crazy weather.

Our evening ended quietly with Owen and I putting together some Legos while Greyson sat with us and finished his reading homework.  

And now the boys are back to school and I'm back to work and missing being home with everyone.  I did smuggle a side kick in to the office with me today.  She's not doing much though.


  1. Oh my goodness....that sure does look like a cold EAster!!! Still quite a bit of snow on the ground! Fun pics!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. I love all of your pictures! Those motorized scooters look so cool, and I bet your boys loved them. A low key Easter sounds really, really nice. We had a good one, but I sat down after a few hours at my mom's and wanted to crash. I love your boys and their bow ties! I'm glad the cascarones were fun, but I laughed b/c we had a couple of injuries and tears with ours too. Such a cute post!

  3. Hi Sarah!
    Cute post. Those motorized scooters look like a blast for the boys! I am sure they loved getting to finally use them. I've seen the ties for shirts thing before, looks fun to try. I'm a bad mom and we didn't even dye easter eggs!!!! Never have actually. So I guess my girls don't know what they're missing.
    We need to get some of those cascarones next year I think. Looks fun. But yes, I know what ya mean, all fun and games until someone gets hurt. ;)

  4. Seeing the kids look for eggs in snow is so crazy! Easter and snow just don't mix for this CA girl! : )


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