Baseball Season Is Too Short

While the actual MLB season is quite long, my boys' baseball season was entirely too short!  Both decided to play baseball this year instead of soccer because so many of their new friends at their new school were playing ball.  I lucked out with them even being assigned to the same team!  We had the final game of the season last night and I miss it already.  Can't believe it's over.  Loved it.  Now I'm sad, not ready to move on.  :-(

Sunflower seeds at every game. 

A new bat that he proudly dented...and as usual, those pants pulled up WAYYYY high!  My boy. 

This one opted for a wooden bat.  Who knew it would be such a hot commodity, quite a few of his team mates wanted to use it too.  The game face got a little old.  :-)


Freaking out because it took his brother 20 minutes every evening to change for the game and he didn't want to be late. 


  Awards at the end of the season.

And the highlight for Greyson...being chosen to be on the All Star team.  Four members of his team were added to members of two other teams and they called themselves the BRO's.  (Brewers, Red Sox & Orioles)  He was also chosen as a Captain.

They sang the National Anthem.  So cute!

Playing first base the first inning and got the second batter out!  

Second time at bat he made it home!

And his final at bat he had an amazing hit.  Almost a double which you can see from the video below.  
Silly boy!

They didn't officially keep score, but of course the kids did.  :-)  Greyson's team won 7-5!  

Lining up for awards. 

Then we were off for some fro-yo as a season end treat.  On the way out of the parking lot the boys commented on the sunset just peeking out of the sky and asked me to take a picture.  I love that even at this age they can appreciate the simple things! 


  1. Glad that it was such a great season!
    I loved playing softball growing up and I sure hope my girls want to try it out soon.
    Love their cute little uniforms, pants hiked up and all!

  2. Oh wow! A lovely re-cap. We were a bit sad to see it end too. Sniff. So many lessons for these boys are learned on the ball field :D


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