Fishing Fun

One of the things I really enjoy doing with Brian and the boys is fishing.  I've liked it since I was a little girl.  I used to get up really early with my dad and we would head to the lake.  I remember listening for the sound of the coffee finishing to know it was time to go.  I always brought a book and a blanket and usually ended up sleeping in the front of the boat, but I was content.  I truly enjoy the peacefulness of it.  Even now, while I can stay awake and have my fair share of snacks to hand out to little boys, I still find myself just sitting on my seat at the front of the boat and relaxing without my pole in the water.  Just enjoying the scenery, the fresh air, the sounds of nature and fishing poles.  Don't let me fool you though, I will NOT bait my own hook and the only way I'm touching a fish is if there is a towel around it.  :-)

I had a quick trip to Dallas last week for work.  I was up at 3:00 am Saturday morning for the flight home and from there I ran to the grocery store and drove straight to the cabin to meet Brian and the boys.  When I pulled in Greyson was vacuuming the boat and started clapping and cheering.  Not because he's missed me, because it meant it was time to go fishing.  Tough crowd I tell ya!  I didn't bring my phone or camera with because I wanted to focus on the boys after being gone for a few days.

That night the boys made a camp fire like they'd learned at Cub Scout Camp.  They were so proud.



Sunday morning we got up and had a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs and fruit and gave Brian his Father's Day gifts.  

A June to June desk calendar for his new office.


 A little man that Owen made him.

 And a doggy in the window???

Well the rest actually consisted of an adult beverage and a new hose, but Daisy is so much cuter!

Then we were off for some fishing.  It was windy, but still fun.

A special treat!  Izze!


And eventually I just relaxed in the front of the boat while Owen sat next to me munching a snack.  

Then Greyson drove us home.  Slowly!


  1. our boys would be instant friends!!

  2. Oh what a fun fishin time. I love the firepit. Found you through Kris at Simplify.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  3. Sarah, I LOVE these pictures. Especially that first one of the sky reflecting in the water with the lily pads. So pretty. I love to fish as well, I always have. My dad loved it. Kevin and Boyd have fishing poles, but haven't done any real fishing together yet. We need to make that a priority.
    That bonfire looks great, and it's huge!
    The doggie in the window is precious.
    I am digging your boys camo shorts. I need to get some for Boyd.
    Sounds like y'all had a great weekend at the cabin.
    I sure do hate that I missed being able to see you when you were in Dallas. :(

  4. Loved all of these great fishing pictures!
    It is so pretty where you live.
    I love that you are making such wonderful memories with your boys.
    They sure are lucky to have a mama and daddy like you guys.
    Looks like a great summer so far. :)


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