2014 Pinewood Derby

The boys competed in the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby this weekend.  While we had fun making the cars, their hopes were dashed early on during the event.  We tried a few different things this year year and, well, they didn't win one race.  They did however have fun playing with friends and cheering them on.  Greyson made some modifications to the car he used last year and raced it with the "renegades."  He won all of those races, but it wasn't really a consolation to him.  And I was selling concessions during the race, thus did a terrible job of documenting the day.

While these guys worked on the  derby cars.......

This guy worked on a match box car!  Notice that he will NOT look at me.  So sassy!

Here is Owen showing me his car.  ;-)

And Greyson showing me his car.  (Much better)

I managed to catch one of the races with my phone.  It makes me sad though, he looks so hopeful.  His car is the red and blue car closest to the front.

Next year people!  We'll figure this thing out yet!


  1. So much fun! My oldest did that a few years back.

    P.S. Visiting from Nicolle's blog. I love the comment you left on her most recent post. :)

  2. What a fun thing to do with their Daddy!!
    xo Kris

  3. How fun for the boys Sarah.
    And I bet ya you all nail it next year!!! :)


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