Our Quiet Christmas

For some reason it was really hard to get into the Christmas vibe this year.  I'm not sure if it was that it fell mid-week so we juggled our traditions a little differently, if it was the little issues we were dealing with at home, or what, but I was in a funk this year....I think we all were.  It seemed like a few days in the woods being a family of four would do us some good.  While it was nice to get away and be together, let's just say the time spent at the cabin wasn't without a few hurdles and tears.  Great Christmas post, huh?  Keeping it real folks, just keeping it real.

We surprised the boys on Christmas Eve morning when we altered our plans due to a predicted snow storm...that never happened.  We'd planned on opening gifts from Brian's parents after church that evening then heading to the cabin.  Because we wanted to get an earlier start, we decided to let them open those gifts that morning.  I ran to get donuts, in my pajamas, and then we each woke a boy asking them if they wanted to open gifts.  They thought we were kidding.

He just knew he'd find a "fur" blanket in that package!

Little Daisy was falling asleep. 

Owen made us gifts at school and labeled them "male" and "female."  We were quite confused by this packaging.  Inside we found a male and female peacock!  So cute!!!  I absolutely love mine.

After church that evening we loaded up in the truck along with about 25 bins and hit the road.  First thing we did after unloading was decorate the tree Brian cut down the weekend before.  We had picked it out over the summer and to our surprise it was MUCH larger than expected but turned out perfect despite very few lights and ornaments.

We were all spoiled come Christmas morning, even the dogs.

He plans on using this to catch fish in the pond.

Her first Christmas gift ever.  Got a little emotional with that one.  Laugh if you must.

A snaggle tooth smile.

We had one more surprise up our sleeves and took the boys on a little road trip.

To pick up their final gift.


You're missing your brother in that sled Owen!!!

We also managed to build our first gingerbread house - when they needed to come in and warm up.

We packed up on the 27th and headed back to town for my company holiday party.  Daisy got a little curious when we had to stop for turkeys to cross the road.

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Your boys are super cute and they look excited to be opening all of their gifts!
    I LOVE the peacock. LOVE IT!
    I'm glad you kept it real. We had a fairly quiet holiday, a sick kid, and I couldn't help but feel sad at times that we weren't spending it with a huge family group...and Kevin just wanted to relax most of the time, and I kept thinking we should be doing more, making more memories. It's hard because we expect so much from the holidays. I'm trying to just go with the flow more often and not over think it or compare.
    Love your post!

  2. Your Christmas sounded so nice Sarah. Sorry about your funk though. I am always a bit Grinchy at Christmas. I just hate the added stress. Plus how expensive December is. I like you because you keep it real. ;)

    That peacock is so neat. I would love that gift. Bet he was so proud! And the snowmobile?! SO fun! Loved your pictures in the woods. Happy New Year my friend. :)


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