Halloween Trial Run

The boys had a Halloween theme for their Cub Scouts Pack meeting last night.  It gave us a chance to try out Halloween costumes for the event.  And thank goodness we did.  O is very particular about his clothing and how it fits or feels and he wanted nothing to do with the costume we had just purchased once we started putting it on.  I keep lots of old costumes in the play room so he ran down and got Darth Vader out from last year.  Who knows what will happen on Halloween and since I will be out of town for work, I'm glad we ran into this problem now instead of when Brian was left to manage the boys and trick-or-treating by himself.

G picked out a motorcycle skeleton costume and added his football cleats, some ripped jeans, a hat and face paint.  This is the first time he's gone with a semi-scary costume and I really miss the baby lion, the dinosaur, or my favorite from last year, the Army guy in Daddy's old uniform.

I told him not to smile, but to make a scary face.....

And here's little skinny legged O with part of his Darth costume on.  He left the belt and mask at home, on the floor in the kitchen...  He also managed to pull the Velcro off the cape, hence the safety pin.  We'll have to take care of that for trick or treating....unless he changes his mind...again.

At the Pack meeting the boys got to bob for apples and then eat them with some caramel dip.  The initial plan at our directors meeting last week was to make caramel apples...I guess they listened when I said that might be a bit messy.

G was very skeptical about the bobbing for apples, but he got over that quickly when the rest of his den dove right in.  I guess sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing.

O gave it a shot too, but was a little more timid.  I'm just impressed he did it and didn't get grossed out by putting his mouth into something where others had put their mouths.  :-)

Everyone got to try 3 times then just pick an apple and have a snack.

I'm so happy with our school change and the new Cub Scouts Den, it's going to be a great year!