My parents called on Friday afternoon and invited the boys and I to go to dinner with them since Brian was working that evening.  We left the dinner choice up to the boys.....probably not the best plan.  They decided to have pizza at the local indoor bounce house place which also has games like Chuck E Cheese.  I'm pretty sure we've met our quota on that sort of thing for a while now.  I had initially planned on taking them ice or roller skating after a quick dinner, but I did tell them it was their choice so we went with it.

There were a few birthday parties happening at the place so we had quite a wait for our food, but plenty of things to keep us busy.  The boys jumped for a bit when we arrived then they were off to play some games.

I will admit that after a long long week, I did order this to make it through the experience.  :-)

While we waited for our food G entertained himself with the Beanboozled jelly beans from Jelly Belly.  These things are a riot.....well they're pretty darn gross too, but so funny!  Each box contains jelly beans that are either the traditional Jelly Belly flavor or something really gross.  So, if you take out a black one, it will either be licorice or skunk spray and you don't know which it will be until you eat it.  Right up their alley!  Other flavors....chocolate pudding or canned dog food....peach or barf.....juicy pear or booger.....coconut or baby wipe.....banana or pencil shavings.....well you get the idea.  G played the game with his Umpa who was lucky enough to take a black licorice on his first try....not so lucky the second time though!  You can tell G thought this was pretty funny!  Okay so I did too!  He kept telling him to have his drink ready.  :-)

Then the boys were off playing games and winning a ton of prize tickets.  It's similar to the Chuck E Cheese experience, but with nicer games and better prizes.  I love the basketball game they have there and G picked up my camera when I was playing.  Great shot of my hand.  Thanks.  :-)

Oh gosh, he should have stuck with my hands!  There were quite a few more of my hands on the camera that I deleted.  

Shhhh don't tell anyone that he kneels on the game to score points!

Our pizza finally arrived, but the bread sticks and salad did not and they closed the kitchen before finishing our order.  Sigh.  Apparently I need to teach these boys some manners about how to eat pizza too!  Oh well, at least they are using napkins.

After we ate the boys decided to jump some more before they turned their tickets in for a prize.  HOW can they do that????  What part of filling up on pizza then bouncing around sounds like a good idea?

I think I need a better camera to capture some better action shots, these kids rarely stop moving!


Before we left they decided to pool their tickets and buy a gumball/snack machine.  It was shown with gumballs but of course came empty.  We stopped on the way home for something to put in it and ended up with candy instead of gumballs.  I'm okay with that.  

See, much better than those goofy glasses from Chuck E Cheese a few weeks ago and the other things they got from there that were lost or broken within 24 hours.