Christmas Day

I didn't manage to get my camera fast enough on Christmas morning to catch the boys finding their gifts from Santa.  I have to say there was a little disappointment from Owen.  He'd asked for a REAL light saber, double emphasis on the REAL aspect.  Since that wasn't really an option for Santa he received a magic set instead and wasn't exactly thrilled on Christmas morning.  Our boys each receive one gift from Santa's sleigh, making for a pretty tame Christmas morning.  Greyson received a skateboard and is itching for spring.

I had planned a quick breakfast then we were busy closing up the cabin to head back to town and spend the day with my parents and for the boys to open their gifts.  It takes about 45 minutes to shut the water down each time we leave in the winter.  The longest part of that is draining the hot water heater.  We decided to get everything loaded up then take the boys for a little snowmobile ride to divert their attention from how long things were taking.

We made it back to town around noon and called my parents to come over to spend the day with us.  They ended up spending the night too!  My mom and I made a quick run to their house for necessities and we cozied up for the night.  It was a great way to spend Christmas day!

Henry likes the slide whistle.

Greyson was thrilled to get a few things he's been asking for nearly all year!  A money clip like his daddy and Umpa.  I had this one hand made for him and it came with a cute note from the artist.

And a pocket knife.  He's really wanted one for the cabin for some time now and I changed my view on this when I talked with a few of the other Cub Scout parents.  Brian went to the Cub Scout store and got the perfect pocket knife for him.  I teased him right up until he opened it that he wasn't getting one, saying that he was too young.  Boy was he surprised!  And happy!  
He's been responsible with it so far and loved helping open all of the Christmas packages. 

Owen has been asking for a Thor hammer for quite some time as well.  I couldn't see the purpose of this toy....that comes with a warning not to hit people or animals....but decided to get it against my better judgment.  Think he likes it?

It goes even better with work gloves from Tweet Tweet and Pop Pop.

He was also really excited about the bow and arrow he's been asking for so he could practice before camp this summer.

Do you think my mom liked the quilt squares I ordered for her with drawings by each of the boys on them?  I'm excited to see what she makes with them!

And the last gift of the day.....a coupon book for my parents.  It has six certificates for dinner and movie nights with optional overnight stays.  Greyson made a few variations in there too....outside movie and camp fire, dinner at a restaurant....but all have the optional sleep over.  

P.S. We didn't make them use a coupon to stay over on Christmas night!  :-)


  1. Wonderful stuff there! I hope your Mom is feeling good by now. She looks terrific!!!
    The boys got lots of neat stuff!!!!
    I didn't know you did work with a dog rescue? How great is that!!!


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