Quiet Christmas Eve

We spent a nice relaxing Christmas Eve playing outside, listening to Christmas music, making ornaments, and watching movies.  Later in the evening we were off for a Christmas Eve church service then back to the cabin for our traditional Christmas Eve fried turkey.  We made our own injection for it this time and it was excellent!

The chef.....

....and carver.

The boys just love it when they get sparkling grape juice or Cherry 7-UP
in a wine glass so they can do "Cheers!"

 Somehow our dinner turned into a muscle contest....life with boys, always something unexpected!

Quick thinking....let's regroup for "Cheers!!!!"

After dinner we let the boys open two small gifts that I'd brought with us.  Earlier in the day Greyson had made a gift for Brian and I, complete with his own packaging....with our first names, not Mom and Dad.  Cheeky little bugger!

 I packed up some night vision binoculars for the boys so they could leave them at the cabin and then a book they've each been wanting.  I thought they'd read the books on the way home.  They opted for Christmas movies instead.  

 Then it was one more check on the Santa tracker  - he was in South America - and off to bed!  


  1. Ok, your boys are super cute!
    And, we do the deep fried turkeys too. We love them! Although I'm always a nervous wreck while my husband is cooking one. :)


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