Our Charlie Brown Tree

A few years ago we started the tradition of a quiet Christmas Eve at the cabin with just our family of four.  We spent many years running from house to house on Christmas Eve and jetting off to the candle light service at church and found ourselves not really having quality family time and being overly worried about spending enough time at each house.  It was a big change for us, but I think we made the right decision and I love the memories we're making with the boys.

Part of our Christmas at the cabin involves scouting out a little "Charlie Brown" tree to cut down and decorate.  We typically try to find a tree that's crowded and not likely to survive in the long run.  But this year we just took the top off of a tree...and it still ended up being the biggest tree we've had at the cabin.  Which is pretty funny when you see the pictures!  It's tiny and bare, and yet so cute and perfect!


Taking turns with the saw!

Strong boy or tiny tree???

The "finished" product.  Since this tree was larger than our past trees we ended up making quite a few more ornaments for it over the next few days.  Notice how the lights are only down the center.  That's how things need to get done when the branches are too flimsy to hold the lights.  

It really was the perfect tree!