Recycling - Little Boy Style

The boys have been making a lot of comments lately about how it's hard to play with their Legos, cars, army guys, etc. in the new house because of all of the carpeting.  Our old house had hardwood floors throughout.  Army guys stood up, Legos stayed put, and cars could race around.  While we do have some hardwood in the new house, it's not in the places we usually hang out as a family.  So, last night while we cozied up in the family room in front of the fireplace, waiting for the winter storm to hit, the boys took matters into their own hands and I love what they came up with from boxes in the garage.  

They both kept their little cities and have grand plans to add on to them.  Should be a creative weekend!

And while they did all of this, Brian and I talked about the renovations we want to do in this massive room.  Part of that discussion was about a strange wall between the kitchen and family room.  I started knocking on the paneling that is there and we quickly realized the paneling is over an open space.  Who would do that??? And it's killing me!  I HAVE to see what's there.  NOW!  But of course, we're only in the planning stages and getting estimates for the drywall at this point.  Honestly though, I was up half the morning thinking about it.  I want to see what's there!!!!  

Enjoy your weekend!  We're getting all sorts of snow today, school is closed, and I think a sledding trip is in order.  


  1. I am going to show this to Noah, and go find a big box!!!!
    Enjoy your snow days!!
    xo Kris


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