Sports Day

The boys have a Read-A-Thon at school this week and with that comes daily dress up themes.  Today was sports day.  Both insisted on wearing shorts and warm-up pants were out of the question so this is how we roll when it's 30 degrees outside.

Greyson with his football jersey on (under his jacket) and his football practice shorts along with the pink socks they wore for games in October.  Notice the size of that child's lunch box????  

And Owen in his brothers old soccer uniform, complete with shin guards and indoor soccer shoes.  He told me he chose this sport because his teacher said he could bring a soccer ball with him.  And check out his hair.  He's been asking me to give him "fancy hair" every morning.  So cute!!! 


  1. I love Greyson's lunchbox, and pink socks...and Owen's hair! How fun. Your boys are so cute!
    I might need to get Boyd a bigger lunchbox. His teacher told me the other day he always sulks because he eats and then says he is still sooooo hungry. He's never told it to me though. :)


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