Scenes from the Weekend

For the sake of documenting our first milk man delivery, we'll call Friday the start of the weekend!  It started snowing on Friday morning and basically didn't stop for 24-hours.  The boys had a snow day, and my hero the milk man still made his delivery by 6:15 am.  :-)  I was so happy to be getting hormone free milk and butter as well as organic eggs delivered to my door step that I considered giving the man a cup of coffee.  Maybe next week....

Greyson's not sure about these glass bottles and Henry is pretty curious too. 

Friday night we did the traditional Wisconsin Lent thing and went out for fish.  Our total splurge meal for the week at our favorite fish place where they serve you on paper plates.  I saw so many friends posting their In & Out Burger pictures on Instagram this past week that I was dying for something like this!  And it did NOT disappoint!  I devoured my cole slaw before thinking to snap a pic!  

I had a lot on the agenda for Saturday, but one of the highlights was an outdoor wine festival with my friend Claudia.  It was a lot of fun and really nice to get away for part of the day and be able to just relax, talk, and share a bottle of wine with a friend.  Wisconsin wine country, not exactly Napa folks!  :-)

On Saturday evening the boys went to a hockey game with my dad and Brian and I went out for a bit.  We'd had plans to have dinner with friends, but that got cancelled.  So he took me to this place instead....

...which had a surprisingly large menu and great food!  

Sunday brought more organizing and work on my 40 bags in 40 days.  After the boys helped out around the house for a bit we let them have some electronics time.  Looks like Daisy was happy about that.  

I tackled the two coat closets we have in the house on Sunday afternoon.  We typically come into the house from the garage and that's where ALL of our coats, boots, snow pants, etc. landed.  That's also where I stored the leashes and dog treats.  There was a lot in a tiny, odd shaped closet.  

And the front hall closet wasn't being used at all.  Well not for an actual purpose anyway.  It had junk left in it from our move.  By the end of the move I was so sick of sorting through things that really didn't even need to make the move that I tossed a few bags, baskets, and boxes into this closet and essentially forgot about them.  This people, is the worst secret of our house part way through my cleaning it!  Shame on me!

We decided to make the closet off the garage dedicated to the boys since we didn't quite trust them to take their shoes off and carry them to the front hall closet.  Then we dedicated the front closet to our things along with the leashes, dog treats, and the sweaters that Daisy hates to wear but looks so cute in.  

The boy's closet.

And our closet.

I just worked with what he had for this project because I'd like to make some major changes to both of these spaces in the near future.  Id' like to eliminate the front hall closet and make a larger entry space, which may happen when we drywall the family room, but is also contingent on my selling the next idea to Brian.  If you remember I talked about the paneling over open space in the family room.  I'd like to open that whole area up and make a fresh and clean mudroom type area instead.

I also managed to take the boys to get clothes for their first communion this coming weekend.  Apparently that wasn't a super exciting trip for them.

We did manage to find what we needed though, so they'll be stylin, even if they're so bored they fall asleep!


  1. I saw most of these on IG, but it was fun to see them again!!
    xo Kris

  2. SO fun to get your milk delivery!!!
    I love those glass bottles too! So pretty.
    And that pic of your son holding the milk is just so darn stinkin cute!
    Love his little man robe. ;)

    Wisconsin wine country looks COLD! :)
    So do their grapes stay alive through the cold winters? That's impressive. I thought they could only grow in warmer climates.
    We should meet up in Napa one of these years!!
    It has been my very favorite trip ever with my husband. And I know you'd love it.
    I can't wait to go back there someday.

    The closets look so good.
    Doesn't it feel amazing to clean things out like that?
    That's now I felt after our kitchen cupboards and pantry were done!!!

  3. Your fish dinner looks delicious. I will try not to post so many In N Out photos. :)) I hope one day they build up where you are! I want to look into getting hormone free milk now. I wonder if stores sell it or if I have to get it delivered. Kevin and I have had several discussions about the milk that Boyd drinks. And now, I want to go clean out a closet or something!

  4. I wish we had a milk delivery man! I would save so many trips to the store.
    All the snow looks so pretty but way too cold for me ;)

  5. Milk delivery man?!??! I had no idea such still existed!? So fun!
    I really want to go on my first wine tasting for my birthday... with friends!
    And I love a little organization! ...not much feels greater to me than structure!


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