Apparently Google Reader is going to be non-existent on July 1st of this year and the blogging world is a little unsure of what that really means.  Google Friend Connect should still remain in tact, but some are speculating that will be gone as well.  So in an effort to keep my three (probably an over estimate!) I'm linking up with Bloglovin.

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


  1. I'm going to be so lost. I don't understand. Do the blogs I follow now have to be on Bloglovin for me to follow them? I don't like change. :) I hope I don't lose all the blogs on my list! agh.

  2. I'm with Nicolle, I'm so confused!!! What's happenning? So what is blog lovin? And does this mean what Nicolle said? Yikes.


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