Hey Mr. DJ!!!

One of our recent Cub Scout adventures was visiting a local radio station.  Since my husband works for one, it was an easy achievement for the boys.  We're fortunate enough that several stations are housed in the same building so the boys were able to visit two stations with live DJ's and they also got to do some fun things in the recording studio.  Due to our schedule that day, my boys were not in their Scout uniforms, but rather in their attire for sports day at school. Oh well.

Getting a good picture with the boys was tough, so we opted for silly, which turned out much better!

This particular DJ was great with the boys.  He even had them introduce themselves on air during a break.  Turns out that the aunt of one of the boys heard them and sent a text message saying they were adorable!  


  1. What a great outing! I didn't know that is what hubby does!! My granddaughter is in Daisy Scouts and they are doing all sorts of fun things too!!
    xo Kris

  2. Aw, so cute!!!
    I just think that cub scouts and girl scouts are the cutest little things ever!!!
    Looks like a fun outing for them.
    And so what does your hubs do? Is he also a dj at the station? I bet they liked getting to see their dad there too!


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