We Have a Pond????

Our weekend at the cabin to check out the freshly dug pond started out quite eventful.  The boys didn't have school on Friday so they spent the morning ice skating at my cousin's house.  I took a half day off from work to get some things taken care of before we left.  When I arrived at my cousin's to get the boys I was met with a bloody bandaged finger.  Apparently as the boys were coming down the concrete stairs from the ice rink Owen stepped on Greyson's finger with his freshly sharpened skates on.  Pure accident and that boy felt about as bad as his brother did.

Sad boy on the ride to the ER.

Look at that pitiful face.  Oh the drama of it all!  Never mind that when I arrived at my cousin's he was happily eating lunch.  :-)

The end result....a stitched up, splinted middle finger.  Utterly inappropriate!  Notice the purple bear he's holding?  The first time he needed stitches several years ago (got in a scuffle with the stairs) he was taken to the same hospital and given a little red bear that he named Stitches.  He asked to go to the same hospital to see if he would be given a Stitches Junior.  Wish granted! 

When we arrived at the cabin I proceeded to slip on ice as I stepped out of the truck door...while holding a skittish dog....and fell flat on my rear.  Between that and 3 hours in the ER, I needed this at dinner!

On Saturday morning we bundled up and walked down to where our mess pond had been dug the week before.  We didn't really know what to expect and it really doesn't look like much right now, but after standing around it for a while we were able to envision the end result and it's going to be great!  We both pictured a large round hole in the ground, not something this interesting.  The two ends are deeper than the section in the middle and one will be great for swimming.  I also love how the contractor left a section of cedars jutting out into the center of the pond.  A few more months and some warm weather and I'll be able to sit and read a book along the side of the pond while the boys catch fish, frogs, and turtles.  

One end.

And standing on the other.  Notice Owen in the trees walking around to wave from the other side of the pond.  He found a big red rock and carried it all around with him.  Too cute!

Our happy cedars.

Later that afternoon Brian and Greyson went ice fishing and Owen and I hung out together.  We snuggled and read books in front of the fire.  We played in the snow.

And we brought in some fire wood for the evening.

 On Sunday morning Henry ended up with a gimpy paw like Greyson's.  Claudia, try not to stare at the couch material.  We're working on recovering it!!!  :-)


  1. You are funny, "Oh the drama of it all!"
    Glad his finger was ok. Stitches and stuff freak me out. I wish they didn't but I get spooked by blood. Poor guy!

    The pond sounds fantastic! So you are having one built? What fun in the summer time that is going to be! I loved your vision of chilling in a chair with your book while the boys catch frogs!

  2. I can't wait to see the upholstery in person!

  3. So sorry about how your weekend started, and I'm so glad you poured that glass of wine. :) Lots of drama when our kids get hurt, huh?! Boyd can wail and cry for an hour over a tiny scrape that is not even bleeding. I can't imagine what he'd do with a messed up finger like that. I love how you told this story though!
    The cabin sounds like such a great place! I'd love to have a little retreat like this one day. I love the new pond, and those beautiful cedar trees. Like Genn said too, I love your vision of the fun you will have in the warmer weather around the pond. I love having things like that to look forward to and dream about. Makes life fun!


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