First Communion Sunday

The boys celebrated their first communion yesterday and we were lucky to be able to share the day with most of our family.  Everything went beautifully and it was a day to remember!

The boys helped me with some decoration preparations earlier in the week.  

Greyson went in for a haircut, massage, and hot towel treatment.

Owen decided he was handsome enough and opted to just eat peanuts.

Does that give you a clue as to who is more high maintenance?  :-)

I had the boys pose for a few pictures before we went out the door to church.  (What I SHOULD have been doing was putting the food into the oven.  I'd set the timer a few hours before and meant to put things in the oven on our way out the door.  When we got to church I looked at Brian and freaked!  I had forgotten to put all of the food in the oven.  He went back home and saved the day!)  Pictures were cute though.  ;-)

Our family was able to sit together during the service and the pastor talked about the parts of communion and what makes it a sacrament during the children's sermon.  My boys look thrilled don't they?  

My Aunt got an almost great picture of us in church.  Seriously, my eyes were closed and everyone else looked great????  Photoshop???

She was also able to capture the boys making their first communion.  

Our family was able to come to the alter together and well I may have cried a little.  They're growing up!  They acted like perfect gentlemen through the service and for the first time didn't use the activities in the kids bulletins or the busy bags.  I think they felt like grown ups.  

Anyone know where Greyson gets closing his eyes during a picture from?  :-)

Everyone came back to the house with us for brunch which turned out perfectly!  As always, everyone was super helpful and brought some delicious food!  It was great to spend time with our family and not feel stressed at all.  Our family is amazing!

Brian's Uncle Sobe stayed for most of the afternoon just sitting by the fire with us and listening to music.  We used to spend quite a few Sunday evenings with him like that when we were in college.  It was so relaxing and a perfect way to spend the day.  We sure love him and miss those hang out sessions.  

Thank you to all of our family and friends for your support and for being there for the boys on their special day.  They will always remember how important family is thanks to things like this!  


  1. Hi Sarah!I'm glad it all went so well. You still look beautiful in that pic even if your eyes are closed! The after party at your house looked like a great time! :)

  2. Sarah, what a special day! I love the boys' bowties! Your stamped wooden utensils came out so very cute. The cupcakes look great too, and it sounds like it was just a wonderful day for your family. I love the family photos too! I am sure I would have cried a bit as well, such an emotional day for a mama.

  3. Your decorations are amazing!! And your boys are too cute!! I love a boy in a bowtie!! :) What an awesome day for you guys!


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