A Cooking Fire

We have a fantastic fire pit at the cabin, but with it's size, it's not great for cooking anything other than s'mores.  I have a lot of fond memories of my dad making breakfast over the fire at the cabin when I was growing up and have been wanting a cooking fire pit for some time now.  I was having a cup of coffee on Saturday morning enjoying the crisp morning air by the fire with Greyson and told him how I would love to be able to cook outside like his Umpa.  I've mentioned it several times, but for whatever reason on Saturday morning Greyson decided he was going to make that happen....all by himself.  And he did!  That boy certainly has the gumption to get things done when he puts his mind to it.

He started by clearing a patch of grass.

Then he hauled in some stones with the UTV and measured to make sure the pit was round.

Then he dug the  hole a bit deeper.

The last handful of dirt.  Yes, he used a shovel for most of it.  :-)

Then he disposed of the dirt and swept out the back of the UTV and surveyed his work.

Since Greyson had worked so hard we wanted to see it done as a reward for his labors.  We went to town to find a grate to install over the pit.  He even insisted on carrying it to the car.

Here he is installing the stake for the grate.  Thanks to the rocky terrain the rubber mallet did not work and Pop Pop had to help a bit with a maul to drive the stake around a rock.

The finished product!!!! 

Making the first fire.

And our first meal on the cooking fire pit.

On Sunday morning Greyson got up with me and we had some coffee and cocoa while we got the fire going nice and hot so that we could make some bacon and pancakes for breakfast.


Now I'm on the hunt for more cast iron cookware!