Pet Cemetery

Another project that we finally wrapped up at the cabin this past weekend was our pet cemetery.  Our family has been collecting paw print garden stones as our pets have aged and passed on over the last few years.  My mother in law had a vision of a peaceful place in the woods to lay our pets to rest and she did an amazing job putting it together.  We do still need a bench to wrap everything up, but other than that it's done.

I received this picture from my mother in law while Owen was with them last week.  Here he is with his Pop Pop burying their dogs' ashes.  

On Saturday morning the boys and I set out the stones for our Bailey and Cody.  Owen looked so cute carrying Bailey's stone to the woods on his four-wheeler. 

The pain of losing Cody is still pretty deep and we talked a bit about what a great dog he was, how we missed him, and how he sure was a rascal when he was younger.

My in law's dog, Dixie, was always the queen bee, so her stone is set apart and slightly above the rest.  She's up there keeping tabs on everything.  :-) 

My mother in law put these beautiful thoughtful touches along the path to the cemetery as well.  An angel and a bowl of stones that she picked up over the years from all over the country.  I love it!


  1. I pop in periodically, via Alabaster Mom - and just want to say I absolutely love this wonderful tribute to past furkids! I wish I were organized enough to have done this in previous years, but it is totally something I can plan for in the future. A place to remember and reflect, while enjoying the beauty of nature - perfect!

  2. What a neat place to lay your family pets to rest. That's special. :)


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