First Bluegrass Festival

For years now I have been wanting to go to a Bluegrass music festival with Brian's Uncle Sobe.  Brian was never into the whole idea.  But now that his parents have started going to a few and his Uncle was hosting his first one, I finally convinced him to go.  I loved it!!!  Everyone was so friendly, the music was fantastic, and I had the best time dancing the night away.  We have plans to attend a bigger event this next weekend and the boys are excited to be included in this one.

Headed to the festival.  Minnie has her party flower on!

The first night we had some impromptu music at our campsite but the boys were already on bed.  They would have loved it and I'm hoping that's the sort of thing they get to experience next weekend.  

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast and Brian ordered a banana split as an appetizer to share with the boys.  NOT normal! 

The music was set to start at noon so while we waited we had a little fun.  Oh and bought tie dyed shirts.  I bought a tie dyed apron.  Love that too!


Uncle Sobe found a friend.

My boys are both completely taken with Uncle Sobe. 

My dad came to pick up the boys and take them to ride go-karts for the afternoon.  He kept them at his cabin for the evening.  You know, so I could dance the night away and not worry about pajamas and bedtimes. 

Hanging with my Minnie girl.  Check out my classy cup o wine from a box!  Seriously so much fun!

The Back Alley Blossoms.  This group was fantastic live!!!  Can't wait to see them again.

A successful first experience for us and a successful first event for Uncle Sobe.  


  1. I've been to one bluegrass festival, years ago, and loved it. I should go again. You look adorable! I'm glad you guys had a night to yourselves too, and I'm sure the boys enjoyed hanging with grampa. And, Uncle Sobe looks like a cool guy!

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Is Uncle Sobe, like Uncle Si?
    xo Kris

  3. What a fun time Sarah!
    I've never been to a blue grass festival but it looks like it was fun.
    I can see why your boys love Uncle Sobe! He just looks like a fun guy!
    And you look adorable. I love your skirt. So cute.

  4. Looks like a fun time!!!

    Did you receive your FPP package?


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