Back to School Feast....Kids Choice!

Our back to school feast tradition started years ago and we let the boys choose the menu for the evening...anything they want.  We typically have it on the first night of the new school year, but this year Greyson had a bit of a cumbersome request so we did it over the weekend at the cabin instead.

Our weekend started with Greyson being a little under the weather.  We chalked it up to him being nervous about his first football game of the season and didn't think much about this scene on Saturday morning.

He had a great game!  His position is a lot of fun to watch this season.  We can always pick him out of the lineup and he's getting a lot of action.  Loving it!  His hard work is paying off for sure! 


After a quick shower we were off to the cabin for our feast and a camp fire.  Greyson still wasn't his usual self so by that point we thought he might be coming down with something.  Sure enough, Sunday morning came with a high fever, stomach pain, and a headache.  Poor guy.

2013-2014 Back to School Feast Menu
Deep Fried Turkey
Mac N Cheese
Angel Food Cake
(Mom threw in broccoli)
(Dad threw in mashed potatoes)

Not feeling smile.  And the remnants of his football game eye black.

Classy decorations....light up skull cups and Texas napkins.  It's the cabin folks and it was a rush trip!


Owen was a real gem when I tried to get a picture of him.

Later that evening the boys caught these two juicy toads....and then let them go.

On Sunday morning I got up and got to work on our breakfast over the fire.  I am still loving cooking out there, but need another 1 or two cast iron pans to speed things up a bit.  Brian's parents cut me some special sized wood so that I'd be able to control the fire a little more as well.  It was such a beautiful peaceful morning that I decided to set my cooking table a little happier than normal while I relaxed and enjoyed my first cup of coffee with Minnie.


Shortly after breakfast we headed home to watch the Packers season opener and get Greyson comfy.  He was feeling pretty awful by that point.  He's nearly fully recovered now so it was a quick lived little virus and nothing serious.  Thank God.


  1. Poor Greyson! I hope he's 100% better now.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture at the cabin. So pretty.
    Any reason for fried turkey is a good reason to me! Yum.


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